Malabrigo, You’ve broken my heart.

I used to love Malabrigo Sock yarn. I could have written sonnets about my love for the Malabrigo at one time. The colors are amazing and the softness, *swoon*, but…..

I had an incident last fall with my blackrose socks. I knit them with no problems, wore them three times then discovered a hole in them. I shrugged it off as a fluke, frogged them and put the yarn in my sock yarn bin to be reknit into another pair of socks. There wasn’t a reason for the hole, I hadn’t snagged them on anything. I had hand washed them because they were a dark color and I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t bleed before I ventured into tossing them into the washer. After today’s incident, I know that it wasn’t a fluke at all.

Today, I tried to wind another malabrigo sock yarn into a ball so I can test knit a sock for a friend. I noticed when I put it on the swift that there were more than the usual number of ends just dangling, and they weren’t tied to anything. Still I was hopeful. I’ve seen large yardage skeins that have breaks and I was willing to work with that since this yarn is my favorite color.

Then I started winding it. *sigh* I ended up with 15 different pieces. One large ball, that I’m really leery of using, and a whole bunch of little bits that range from small balls to strings about a yard long. It was simply falling apart as the winder tugged on it. The tension on the yarn will be stronger when I knit it than what the winder was putting on it and I’m afraid the sock will disintegrate as I’m knitting it. Unfortunately, I’m on both a time and budget limit so I will be using the largest ball to test knit the sock. *fingers crossed* I hope it holds together long enough to take the photo.

Malabrigo, You've broken my heart.

Malabrigo, you no longer hold my heart. In fact, I’ll likely never buy your sock yarn again. Lace on the other hand…. well, I still love you.

EDIT: Just to answer a few questions that have come up about the yarn. I purchased it just a few days after it arrived at the shop. I brought it home and stored it in a Rubbermaid container with the rest of my yarns (which have had no issues) and it was stored with moth deterring things like lavender sachets and cedar balls. I haven’t had any issues with moths at my home but keep my yarns stored this way just in case.

2nd EDIT: I have been in contact with an intern for Malabrigo and she is willing to see if a replacement can be sent to me. I may be able to love Malabrigo Sock again.


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