How to search (or not) on Etsy

I’ve decided that I would like to own a tea pot someday since it’s getting cooler and I don’t like to microwave my water. I wanted to see what Etsy has to offer by way of teapots so I typed “teapot” in the search box and got a random assortment of things that were certainly not teapots.

This is what I had to type in to get the first five pages of search results to be ONLY actual teapots:

teapot -cozy -jewelry -photo -framed -marker -charm -card -fabric -print -bag -wood -bell -light -doll -calendar -cover -collage -painting -hair -placemat -napkin -sticker -magnet -quilt -cookie -shirt -coaster -towel -runner -bouquet -embroidery -plant -cup -shabby -skirt -dish -box -cuttingboard -drawing -chair -ornament -sugar -garden -bookmark -A3 -knitting -needle -cosy -onesie -miniature -digital -quilled -baby -crochet -mirror -bead -toy -tassel -chipboard -birdhouse -corset -jersey -arrangement -mini -sink -clothing -stamp -button -classes -chalkboard -apron -tray -tags -photography -book -plate


BTW, I clicked to page 6 of the results and even MORE things show up that are not teapots.

So here’s a little lesson in how to search Etsy. Type in the thing that you want to buy. Look at the results that obviously have nothing to do with said item. Get frustrated. Click a few of the links on the side to try to narrow your search. Get even more frustrated. Close browser and go to your local artisan gallery and purchase item there.

Don’t you sell on Etsy, you ask? Why yes, I am an Etsy seller but, I RARELY get sales though Etsy that aren’t from people I don’t know in some form or fashion either locally or friend online. There is a GIANT flaw in their system and I wish they would fix it.

That is all, I’ll step down from my soap box now.

EDIT: By recommendation of a Plurk friend, I tried searching “teapot” then clicking “Relevancy” to eliminate the non-teapot results. I tried this which resulted in 20 of the 30 displayed items being Non-teapots. Really, only 10 of the items on the first page were actual teapots.

EDIT#2: Just to clarify, I want a tea pot to put boiled water into from a pan so that I can brew the tea, not to place on the stove top itself. I currently make tea one cup at a time in the microwave but would like to make a whole pot to sip on through out the morning instead.


Sunday Etsy Finds – Grace Kelly

If I were ever given a wardrobe makeover, I would want to dress like classic Grace Kelly.

1950’s Black Lace and Chiffon Illusion Party Dress – craftycrowvintage

1950s Reproduction Grace K Vneck Flared Skirt Sun/Day Dress XS/S/M or custom Beautiful Classic dress – CandiigirlzInc


Two Flowers Vintage Gold Tone and Pearl Floral Brooch Haircomb – gingerandtonic

Something Blue Grace Kelly Swarovski Teardrop and Silver Filigree Earrings – ThousandHillsDesigns


GRACE KELLY – Opalite – RB DeWolfe Studio


Vintage Grace Kelly Leather Gold Bag – SallyLuvRose


Vintage 1960s Grace Kelly COAT – modhuman


Amazing 1950’s L. Evrard Trans-World Eyewear Corp Tortoise Sunglasses – metorrez22