I’ve been spinning again.

This is 1/2 of my Hope roving from Highland Handmades. It spins like a dream and the colors are amazing. 100% superwash merino.

Hope on the bobbin

At one point while spinning, I realized I was just sitting there smiling. All the stress has just fallen off me. Spin is Zen. Thanks Heather for making wonderful roving!


Spring is finally here….. sort of.

Things are sprouting and booming but I picked flowers in what was left of the melting snow fall from last night.

Oregano sprouts
Oregano Sprouts

The apple bush is blooming
apple bush in bloom

The sad daffodils in the cold. They obviously want to come inside.
Sad daffodils

I held one up for closer inspection.
Snowy day daffodil

The peonies are also sprouting.
Peony Sprouts

The daffodils look much happier inside.
Fresh Picked Daffodils

Rebound Cookbook

Those of us who love to cook probably have a favorite cookbook that we turn to time and time again. My friend Kristine has one that has seen a few decades of love and use. The old plastic binding had become brittle and started to break so the pages were beginning to come out. I restitched the book using a cross between the back stitch and the fly stitch with green linen thread.

Rebound Cookbook For Kristine

I hope the binding will hold up for several more years of love!