Rebound Cookbook

Those of us who love to cook probably have a favorite cookbook that we turn to time and time again. My friend Kristine has one that has seen a few decades of love and use. The old plastic binding had become brittle and started to break so the pages were beginning to come out. I restitched the book using a cross between the back stitch and the fly stitch with green linen thread.

Rebound Cookbook For Kristine

I hope the binding will hold up for several more years of love!


3 thoughts on “Rebound Cookbook

  1. I absolutely love this! I have several books falling apart with that icky wire binding. Thanks for the motivation. I sew and do a little embroidery, but I have no idea what a fly stitch is.

  2. Loved the way you saved this book! I am a bookbinder from Isle of Wight, England and I love seeing what other bookbinding folk are up to. It is such a practical craft isn’t it? I mainly stick to case bound books as many of my covers are created in calico and felt and so quite a simple structure works well, but seeing some of your work has inspired me to do some adventuring. Thanks!

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