Spring is finally here….. sort of.

Things are sprouting and booming but I picked flowers in what was left of the melting snow fall from last night.

Oregano sprouts
Oregano Sprouts

The apple bush is blooming
apple bush in bloom

The sad daffodils in the cold. They obviously want to come inside.
Sad daffodils

I held one up for closer inspection.
Snowy day daffodil

The peonies are also sprouting.
Peony Sprouts

The daffodils look much happier inside.
Fresh Picked Daffodils


2 thoughts on “Spring is finally here….. sort of.

  1. What’s an apple bush?

    When I was growing up, the guy behind my house had apple *trees* and they were my favorite things EVER (oh, to be 7 and have such simple loves…), but I’ve never heard of apple *bushes*.

    We have no lawn, see. So bushes = much better option.

    • LOL, the apple bush is quite by accident. I think it was supposed to be a tree but someone *coughmomcough* planted it against the house which doesn’t allow for much growth. It does produce fruit though.

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