Garden Update

The peonies are nearly ready to bloom:

I have a couple of roses on the bush:

The oregano has tried to take over everything, even the poor little hosta:

Lots of seedlings waiting to grow up and go into my raised bed garden (once I build it):

I bought & planted a daisy today:

And, as usual, anytime I start digging around in the flower boxes I find very odd things. The first thing I found was this little yellow and black cone shaped thing which looked a bit like the skin for some type of reptile or amphibian only it was hollow and paper like. I studied for a bit before moving on. I tossed it into the grass and couldn’t find it again but wish I hadn’t done such a thing when I found this just a little further down in the dig:


It’s the head of something, though I’m not sure what. The tiny skull is so delicate and fragile. Here’s a different angle where you can see the inner workings of the skull:


I’m pretty sure that it is a small snake really freaking large grasshopper. I’m not sure how this came to be buried in my flower box but it isn’t the first thing I’ve found buried there. I guess I can continue with my dead bodies make good fertilizer joke.

If anyone knows what this is let me know, I’m just making assumptions based on what it looks like to me.


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