Goals for 2012

I hadn’t really given much thought to New Year’s resolutions until New Year’s Day. After sitting in my recliner like a zombie for 12 hours eating junk and watching an Absolutely Fabulous marathon on BBC America, my brain did a little sorting on it’s own and let me in on the secret the next day.

Here’s what I want for myself in 2012.

I want to knit less. Now, now, don’t faint. You did read that correctly. I want to knit less. I feel like that is 90% of what I did in 2011. I took my hobby and made it my job, and my side job, and still kept it as my hobby. See, that turns into a whole lot of knitting. So, here’s how I think this is going to work. I’m not going to buy any yarn. I have yarn. I have lots of yarn. I have lots of nice yarn that is waiting to be used. If I don’t give in to the ooh, shiny then I have to plan out my projects according to what I own. Also, I’m going to have to turn down some commission work. That is going to be the HARD part. I can ignore my own stash and just not knit but when you dangle that carrot money cold hard cash in front of me, I cave.

I want to read more. I have a stock pile of great books just waiting to be read. They sit there staring at me while I’m knitting. They taunt me with their bookie goodness and I just want to dive right in and get lost in an imaginary world. What do I do instead? Yep, Knit. See… there’s a method to my madness.

I want to go camping more. I was only able to escape into the woods twice last summer. Now that I own all the equipment, I will be able to go whenever the mood strikes. I could even take my telescope!

I want to save up money for a super-duper-extra-special telescope. My goal is to save money though selling my handmade books and knitting (even though I’m knitting less this year) to buy a fancy telescope that is programmable and can be hooked up to my laptop. ANNND, I want the camera attachment and a super nice SLR camera to go with it. I’m guessing it will take me all year to save up for something like that (even if the camera comes later). This could be a Ooh, Shiny moment for me. If I still want it after saving up the money then I’ll get it. If not, then hey, I’ll still have the saved up money.

I want to pick my other crafts back up, mainly making books. That’s another way that knit less thing comes into play.

I want to keep up with my blogging this year. Things really slowed after I switched jobs but I hope that cutting down on my knitting time will give me more time re-kick start my online life.

Last, I want to spend more time with the people in my life. Sitting at home knitting doesn’t leave much room for getting out in the world and being social.

That’s what I have so far. I may have a few more goals crop up and if I do, I’ll let you know about them.


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