Sorta Kinda But Not Really Dyed Buttons

I saw this on the Rit Dye website and wanted to try it. It was perfect for the amount of buttons I need for my spatterdash mitts I’m making. Hand dyed, hand spun, and hand knit begged for custom dyed buttons to match. Since the project needed 28 buttons, I jumped on this.


Rit Dye lied to me.

They have the tutorial on their website complete with beautiful photos of colorful buttons supposedly dyed with their dyes but they also say that their dye will not dye plastic.

I picked up a bottle of Sunshine Orange.

I bought a bulk supply of buttons (notice that these are the same buttons they use in their tutorial).

I followed their instructions….
Sorta kinda dyed buttons

What I ended up with is something that is sort of just tinted yellow. The photo makes these buttons look better. They’ll look better on the project than the plain white buttons but I’m still not happy with how they turned out.

I attempted it again and added salt because the bottle recommended adding salt for some fibers. It was worth a shot but it didn’t help. They came out the same.

Sorta kinda dyed buttons - salt


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