Snake Book – Duodecad

Duodecad – A Group of Twelve Things. So why not a group of twelve things about the number twelve.

Snake Book - Duodecad

A dozen dozens is a gross. A Dodecagon is a twelve sided polygon.

Snake Book - Duodecad

12 is the atomic number for Magnesium. Messier 12 is located in the Ophiuchus Constellation.

Snake Book - Duodecad

Twelve inches in a foot. Twelve keys on a touch tone phone.

Snake Book - Duodecad

Twelve colors in a basic color wheel. Twelve pence make a shilling.

Snake Book - Duodecad

Humans have twelve pairs of ribs. The Majestic Twelve investigated the Roswell UFO.

Snake Book - Duodecad

Twelve members of your peers in a jury. Twelve strikes make a perfect bowling game.

Snake Book - Duodecad

This little book is neat because it is made from one sheet of paper.

Snake Book - Duodecad


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