21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop Giveaway

Zom Osborne is giving away one spot to the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop. I reeeeeally want to win but I also want my art journaling friends to enter too.

Click here to see the blog post about the giveaway.

There’s also a 2nd chance to win a spot over at True North Arts.


How Does Your Garden Grow? Kick Off 2012

Oh how I love the weather we’ve been having! I’ve been driving with the windows down. I’ve been sitting on my porch in the evenings.

Anyway, on to the plants!

My first attempt at Strawberries.

Also my first attempt at Onions.
Onion Sets

My Swiss Chard survived the winter and has new growth.
Return of the Swiss Chard

My Arugula has already begun to flower! I really need to trim it back. It also survived the winter and returned with LOTS of new growth.
Arugula that wouldn't die

The Oregano has spread even more. I’d be glad to give starts of it to any of my local folks.
Attack of the Oregano

The Apple Bush is in bloom.
Apple Bush In Bloom

I love these little red and yellow flowers. I always dread the first mow of the year because they’ll be gone. They grow out near the back fence…
More Little Red Flowers

And on the front hill, which has spread to several patches.
Little Red & Yellow Flowers

The Peonies are popping up through the remains of last year.
Peonies Popping Up

The Daffodils are in bloom too…
Hurray for Daffodils

Even this lonely little yellow one.
Lonely Little Yellow Daffodil

I even have a few plants inside. My Chives and Parsley have been going strong since last spring.
Parsley & Chives

Something Weird In The Garden

Every year, when I begin my spring planting, I find something strange in the soil. Last year, I found what looked like a tiny skull. One year, I found bones that look to be human. This year was no different. I went out to turn the soil today to get ready for some early spring plants when I came upon this in my garden box:


Yep. That would be a small black Pound Puppy stuffed toy.  Note, I said Garden Box, meaning soil I installed myself last year.  Which means that this appeared in the garden box sometime between November & today. This wasn’t just laying there, it was completely buried. I’m assuming that someone’s dog may have buried it there but it doesn’t look like a dog toy. At least not like what my dog’s toys look like; mangled and destuffed.  Which leaves me to wonder is someone buried it there of the non-furry-and-four-legged persuasion.

So there you have it. This year’s edition of “What’s Hiding In Paper

Kitty’s Garden”.