Something Weird In The Garden

Every year, when I begin my spring planting, I find something strange in the soil. Last year, I found what looked like a tiny skull. One year, I found bones that look to be human. This year was no different. I went out to turn the soil today to get ready for some early spring plants when I came upon this in my garden box:


Yep. That would be a small black Pound Puppy stuffed toy.  Note, I said Garden Box, meaning soil I installed myself last year.  Which means that this appeared in the garden box sometime between November & today. This wasn’t just laying there, it was completely buried. I’m assuming that someone’s dog may have buried it there but it doesn’t look like a dog toy. At least not like what my dog’s toys look like; mangled and destuffed.  Which leaves me to wonder is someone buried it there of the non-furry-and-four-legged persuasion.

So there you have it. This year’s edition of “What’s Hiding In Paper

Kitty’s Garden”.


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