Saturday Morning

I have a rare proper weekend this weekend. I have so many things I want to do! First, I’m going to finish a design I’m working on.  It would have been included in the WIP Wednesday this week but… well, I left it somewhere and they were kind enough to mail it back to me. (doh!) If I get it finished today or tomorrow, I’ll be writing up the pattern for Ravelry. I just hope there’s good lighting for photos.

Almost done

Wednesday, I spent six and a half hours cleaning every surface, item, nook and cranny in my studio. I finished everything except cleaning my work table. I’m planning to clean it off today and hopefully get down to making some books.

On top of all that, I’m going to make pulled chicken barbeque in my slow cooker, make homemade coleslaw, and meringue cookies. There will likely be a bit of dancing around the house since I usually have Pandora on anytime I’m home. If there’s time, I’ll also be working on my projects from the WIP Wednesday post too.

In honor of my proper weekend: Here’s one of my favorite songs, it has been my ringtone for the past 3 years.

Have a good Saturday!!


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