WIP Wednesday – July 16

Well…. I went a little quilt crazy this week.

A new row on this section and 27 sets of two stitched together.


What is not in this picture is the 30+ octagons I basted, the big stack of squares I cut, or the 4-5 dozen templates I cut out. I also bought six more fabrics to go with this quilt.

Quilt crazy indeed!

I’m also up to 32 points on the Hitchhiker – Only 10 more to go!



2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – July 16

  1. Are you hand sowing the octagons or using a machine? I have been trying to make a hexagon quilt but I partly gave up because I could not get the sides equally sown so it looks very disorganized. Do you have any tips?

    • I’m hand stitching them together. This is the first time I’m making a completely hand-stitched quilt. The only recommendation I have is to try to make tiny consistently even stitches. I try to make my first and last stitch on each side directly into the two points.

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