Print Your Own Grid Pages for Bullet Journals

Hello 2016!!

Guess who has discovered Bullet Journals?! If you said Wonder Woman, you guessed wrong.  For right now, I’m testing this out to see how I like it.  If it sticks, I thinking of teaching a workshop on it for work.

My first venture into Bullet Journaling was just a single sheet activity/habit tracker:

January Activity Tracker TCK CO

After a few days, and taking a look at several bullet journal blogs, I made this little book last week just so see how I would like it:

January Bullet Journal TCK CO

So far, I can say that I’m finding it helpful to have all my little notes I make to myself in one place. If I think of something that I need to do or buy; I know exactly where to write it instead of just making a mental note or jotting down on a scrap piece of paper that I’ll just dump on my desk when I empty my pockets.

I have always wanted to own a Moleskine journal but, since I’m a bookbinder, I straight up can’t justify spending money on something I can make myself no matter how much I can hear them calling my name every time I pull into the bookstore parking lot.

I’m ready to make a second small journal to begin decorating for the month of February but I didn’t like the dot paper I printed for my last Bullet Book.  I decided to create my own printable paper with much lighter lines and a grid instead of dots.  The dots were my first choice but I found that I just kept writing things where I kept drawing boxes. I also wanted more lines per page than the previous paper. I thought there may be others that would find this printable grid paper useful so I’m sharing my file here. It is two pages of 8.5 x 11 so you can easily print double sided if you have access to a printer with the double sided function.

Click here to download or right click and save file:

Paper Kitty WordPress Grey Grid 8.5 x 11

I also created a file for 8.5 x 14 paper (which is the size I’m currently using).

Paper Kitty WordPress Grey Grid 8.5 x 14

Detailed Preview:

PKWP GG Preview

To make the journal, I simply cut the paper in half, then folded it in half with card stock, and bound it using a simple pamphlet stitch.