Friday FO’s

I’ve been on a mission this week to get lingering projects finished and off my needles (or hooks). I finished this kid’s vest that is a shop sample for the shop; made in Malabrigo.

Kids Vest

Kid's Vest

It was knit in two pieces that I then Kitchener stitched and mattress stitched together. This was my first time with the mattress stitch but it was so worth the work and time.

Mattress Stitch

I finally finished the Hedera Socks. They are so pretty!!

Hedera Socks Finished

I also finished the fingerless mitts that I made to match the crochet bobble beret.

Finished Mitts

The final thing that I finished was Wesley the Elephant from Cute Little Animals. It is another shop sample and I’ll also be teaching a class on how to make him later this month.

Wesley The Elephant


WIP Wednesday

After my busy week & weekend, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. This week I’m working on more and more books. I’ve spent the past three evenings in the studio but I swear it just feels like I’m just treading water instead of getting anywhere. I did get some of my book boards cut, which has left me sore all over. I don’t have a flat surface large enough to work with the full size boards except the floor. I wish I had the house space and money to buy a board shear but alas, I do not. I have cloth covered hardback covers waiting to join their text blocks, sets of book board & text blocks waiting for the book board to receive covers, text blocks & covers waiting to be bound, and text blocks in waiting for anything. I also have needle books still waiting to be bound.

Cloth Hard Covers
Bookboards & text blocks waiting for Covers
Text Blocks
Waiting to be bound

I’m working on a few projects for A Likely Yarn that are shop samples of classes I’ll be teaching later this year. One is a hat from a Fiber Trends pattern made in Encore, one is a small crochet purse made in Classic Elite’s Soft Linen (which I love), and one (my fave) is a amigurumi Elephant. I’m almost finished with the Net of Justice bag but I don’t have a photo of it.

Crochet Bag WIP
Elephant WIP

I’m (still) working on a couple of personal projects. The Siren Shawl, which I’m half way done with, and the Trekking XXL socks, that I’ll be finished with as soon as I run out of yarn.

Shawl progress
Socks progress

Gifts from the cat….

Once, my cat left a bunny head next to the back door. I thought about this today after I made this.

Bunny Head

I have the body completed but I left it at work. I’ll post the completed bunny tomorrow. I made it for my niece for Christmas. This is the pattern I used but I changed up some stuff. I used Paton’s Merino in natural mix and aran.


This morning I ordered this yummy looking BFL roving 🙂  I can’t wait to get it!

Appalachian Arts Center Winter Bazaar Reception

I had so much fun! Robyn did an excellent job setting up the gallery. There were so many things to take in; I’m going to have to go back when things aren’t busy just to see everything.

I also delivered the commissioned booties and was commissioned to make a set of books for Ellen’s painting class. Woo-Hoo!!!

The AAC’s website went live today at 4:30 but I do not have a site address for it yet. I’ll post it as soon as I get it.

My wonderful hubby took some excellent photos while we were there.

This is “My Tree”. There were a few trees but this one has all of my ornaments on it plus three others that were made by someone else. I wrote about the garland in this post. Milton is hanging out in the background.

My Tree at the AAC Winter Bazaar

Next is a grouping of beautiful handmade baskets that are housing my handmade toy collection, a flower washcloth, and a neck-warmer.

Toy Collection

Some of the books in the photo below are mine and some are made by Robyn Raines.

Books at the AAC

Kitteh looks like he’s going to pounce! He greets you as soon as you come through the door.

Kitteh at the AAC Winter Bazaar

If you are traveling through Southwestern Virginia during the next month, I hope you will stop by the Appalachian Arts Center, look around, and possibly buy something from one of our many very talented artist and crafts people. The AAC is located in Tazewell County on Rt. 19 near Richlands. It’s three miles from where Rt 19 & Rt 460 split.

My Little Alien

I created this little guy today. I found this purple and green acrylic yarn in my stash yesterday and it just screamed alien to me. I’ll write up his pattern soon and post it if anyone is interested. I think I’ll name him Eep. His eyes are cheapie felt circles and his mouth is just a bit of pink wool yarn.

EDIT: I wrote out the pattern and added a new page to the bar at the top for crochet patterns that I come up with.

Pirate Octopus

Here’s another little octopus. This one was my hubby’s idea. Made with Red Heart acrylic and a tiny bit of merino wool for his peg tentacle. Patch and teeth are cheapie felt and black embroidery thread. His good eye is a button. BTW, that’s Zoe in the background. My kitties are always hogging the camera!I spent my day finishing projects and sorting through my stash. I finally stitched the icing to my knit cupcake (pattern from One Skein). I put buttons on my cell phone cozy. I took the time to weave in the ends of a scarf that I made three months ago. The pirate was one of my unfinished projects. I only have three unfinished projects now. A little bunny that needs ears, a scarf that I can only work a few rows at a time because it hurts my wrist so bad, and a needle case that just needs to be stitched together. I have a huge list of projects that I need complete before my Nov. 9th deadline. The scarf is the only one of my unfinished projects that I want to finish anytime soon.

It took all summer….

…. but I finally finished the Nagano Sakura scarf from  It is not that it was a hard pattern; it is just that other projects held my attention longer.  I woke up yesterday bound and determined to finish it and I did!  I made it with Knit Picks’ Wool of the Andes in Chocolate, Telemark in Columbine, and Palette in Blush.  Also, today on my way to the Grayson Highlands Fall Festival, I made a Hello Kitty cloth from this pattern.  I think I would like it better if it was in a solid color cotton but I wanted to try it with this one since it is in Hello Kitty colors.  I used some Peaches & Cream cotton yarn to make it.  On the way home I started crocheting another octopus (for the revolution of course!) but I didn’t finish it because I didn’t have any embroidery thread or stuffing with me.  I’m planning on spending the rest of my evening finishing it.