Get ya patterns here!

I’ve decided to put some of the patterns that I’ve designed over the years on Ravelry. Some of them are still only available at the yarn shop I work for, but some are available for purchase.

This is a two piece set I created for teaching the beginning crochet and crochet around classes that I teach.

crochet beginner hat and scarf set


crochet beginner scarf

You can get the ebook version with both patterns here, or you can get the Scarf here or the Hat here separately.

All of my designs can be found here. Not all of them are up yet, but as I have time there will be more patterns. I have two more crochet patterns that will be up very soon.


Fly By Post…

First of all, I LOVE my new job. L.O.V.E. I’m starting to adjust to the new schedule too, which means I may be able to get back to blogging regularly soon. Also, I love that I get to see my family much more now. I’ve been alternating having lunch with my mom and lunch with my dad & grandma on my days off. I’m also starting to exercise in the mornings before I leave for work. Now that the heat has broke for awhile, I’ve been able to get out and walk again.

Ok, now on to the post…

Between adjusting to the new schedule and the sun trying to slow roast us for over 3 months, my plants aren’t doing so well. My oregano cannot be stopped though. The “apple bush” was loaded this year and the rose bush keeps randomly blooming one or two blooms. But, I seem to have been infested with lady bugs. I had a small pumpkin on the porch that was nearly devoured by them in a matter of days. They ate the honey dew plant just as it was about to bloom and they ate all the pumpkin vine and I’m assuming the rest of the pumpkins are going to receive the same fate.

Apple Bush

Rose bloom 2nd blooming.

Right now I have 3 really large pumpkins (larger than basket balls) but their stalks have been the entry point for bugs. This saddens me because, although I don’t eat the pumpkins, I do use them as my yearly jack-o-lanterns and I don’t expect these three to make it until the end of October. You can see in the photo of pumpkin #2 the hole near the stalk where bugs are coming and going.

Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin #2

Pumpkin #3

I did have a random bush of poke berries sprout up near the pumpkins. I’m assuming that this was a gift from above (aka bird droppings LOL) since there aren’t any poke bushes near my house. When these ripen, I’m going to use them for some natural dying.

Poke Berries

I’m still working through my Wild Thing fleece and last week I picked up another fleece that is a Dorset mix breed. I washed up a small sample of it and it is a lovely butter color and is pretty soft. I can’t wait to start washing it up too.
This is some of Wild Thing drying on the porch today. It’s not completely clean but what is left will come out when I card it.

Wool Drying

I haven’t been doing much personal knitting lately but I have been working on a whole bunch of stuff for the shop. I designed this crochet stole/scarf as a pattern that is available with purchase of the yarn. I made it from one skein of sock yarn.

Crochet Stole

I’ve also been doing a whole lot of spinning. I spun CJ Kopec’s Indian Corn as part of the August SAL. When I split it in half, I thought I had gotten it pretty equal but I ended up with a whole bunch left on one bobbin after I plyed it. I spun up some black alpaca to ply with what was left. The two yarns I ended up with, I’m calling Withes Brew (which is photoed with the small pumpkin pre-lady bug infestation) and Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble.

Witch's Brew

Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble

Right now, I’m spinning Poodle Skirt by Scarlet Fleece, crocheting a doily for my grandma, knitting two sweaters, a pair of socks, a shawl, a large tote bag, and I have some other things I’ve had to put on stitch holders like the Nightingale socks and the second La Vie de Bois sock. Also, I started buying yarn for my Christmas knitting/crocheting. I swore I wasn’t going to do it but, I came up with some really great projects and I’m starting early. I just hope the gifts are appreciated this year… sometimes I wonder if they are or not.

Call To Crocheters!

A Likely Yarn is collecting pieces for the Smithsonian Museum’s Community Crochet Coral Reef project. Patterns are available at the shop upon request. Finished pieces are due by August 25. Feel free to bring in your pieces early, as I will be setting up a display before we ship them out. If you need to contact the shop the phone number is 276-628-2143 or email alikelyyarn[at]yahoo[dot]com

The pieces can be made in any color and any size.
Check the Smithsonian’s Website to see all the details of the project.

The crochet coral reef will be displayed in the National Museum of Natural History from October 16, 2010 to April 24, 2011.

Here’s a small sample from Beverly who is putting this project together.

Any and all projects will be a great help no matter how small or large!

Yarn Destash!

All yarn and buying info can be found on my Raverly destash page. If you’re not on Ravelry, send me an email: paperkittyblog[at]gmail[dot]com

Yarn Destash 6-14-10

1. Yarn Destash – Soleil, 2. Yarn Destash – Soleil, 3. Yarn Destash – Soleil, 4. Yarn Destash – Fibranatura Sea Song, 5. Yarn Destash – Caron Black Magic, 6. Yarn Destash – Lion Brand Magic Stripes, 7. Yarn Destash – Knit Picks Shamrock, 8. Yarn Destash – Wisdom Yarns Endurance Socks, 9. Yarn Destash – Knit Picks WOA Bulky Spumoni , 10. Yarn Destash – Classic Elite Montera

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Friday FO’s

I finally got around to finishing my little Cthulhu He’s sitting on my desk hiding behind the post-it notes waiting for a dust bunny to devour or to bite my fingers the next time I need to jot down a phone message.



Wednesday WIP’s

Since beginning my yarn diet, I’ve discovered that I’m much more of a monogamous knitter and I’m trying to finish up some projects that have been lingering in the bin for a bit too long. I’ve mainly been working on the Bulky Asymmetric Cardigan. I’ve knit through the body portion and I’m ready to begin the sleeves.

Bulky Asymetric Sweater w/o sleeves

I’ve also picked up my afghan again. I was surprised at how little work was left to do. In two evenings, I attached what was left of the hexagons and now all that is left to do is weave in the ends and crochet the border. I’ve been working on it while taking a break from the sweater.

Afghan Almost Finished

Afghan Almost Finished

I have a pair of socks that I keep in my desk drawer at the office that I’m also working on. They are going so slowly because I’m knitting them on Size 0 needles but it’s nice mindless knitting when I get burned out crunching numbers. They’re made from lane cervinia in gray tones. Sorry, there’s no photo; I didn’t have my camera at the office today. I’ve also been hauling around the yarn to finish my cthuluh but I just haven’t worked on it lately (no photo of that either).

I’m also spinning some wonderfully happy colored roving that my Monty Python swap partner (Studioloo) sent me. I’m about half way through the bump. I’m hoping to learn how to Navajo ply with it so I can keep the color progressions the way they are.

Spinning In Progress

I spent last weekend organizing my fiber stash. I was surprised that I didn’t have as much spinning fiber as I thought I did. I sorted the yarn into three categories: sock yarn, yarn that I have a project in mind for, and yarn that is for charity knitting. My plan is to knit through the project specific yarn before buying any more yarn and knit at least one item per month to send to a charity. I’ve been looking around Ravelry and a few other websites to find charities that I can send my items to. This has proven to be a bit more difficult that I had anticipated. Most of my yarn is wool or wool blends but most of the I’ve found charities want acrylic or washable fibers. Luckily, after much searching, I found a charity that only wants wool items. I do have a few skeins of acrylic hanging around so I can send a few items to other charities too. If you know of any really awesome charities that accept finished items please let me know.

Lots of new wooly goodness

I’m on the team L&V challenge and made this as a part of the pre-challenge KAL. Made in STR Med. Christmas Balls.

Rocky Butte Sock

I had left over yarn so I made a pair of fingerless mitts to match them.

Drop That Cookie! Mitts

I ended up making a second pair of mitts out of some other left over yarn.

Blue Cashmere Mitts

I spent last week knitting this shawl.

Undine Shawl

I’ve also been spinning. This is 4 oz, approx 100 yds, of BFL called Soot from Miss Babs.

Soot 2ply

I also plyed this merino called Sherbet. I have a little less than half of the roving left to spin still.

Sherbet 2 ply

I also had this little mini skein left over.

Sherbet mini skein

I was part of a ravelry swap that was monty python themed. I made a market bag, knight with shrubbery and a “Confuse-A-Cat” set that includes a baby killer rabbit that all went along with a bunch of other goodies.

Monty Python Market Bag For My Swap Partner

Knight with Shrubbery For my Swap Partner

Confuse-a-Cat Set (with killer bunny) For my Swap Partner

The Sylvi coat ran into some blocking problems so it’s still in the works. I’m also working on a cardigan and I’m still working on the Whisper Cardigan.

Wednesday WIP

I must be crazy. I just ordered the yarn to make the Sylvi coat from Twist Collective and I decided to cast on TWO sweaters this week.

The first is the Whisper Cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring 2009. I’m making it in Malabrigo Lace in Black Forest.

Whisper Cardigan

The second is the Corona sweater. I’m making it in Cascade 220 which was given to me by a very kind friend.

Corona Sweater

My travel project is a simple pair of toe up socks in Great Adirondack Silky Socks.

Silky Socks

I also have the first Hat-Heel ( fall 09) finished and need to cast on for the second. I’ll do that as soon as I free up the needles the silky socks are on. I like the pattern it is a very interesting construction and isn’t at all difficult. I’m making them in Malabrigo Sock in Archangel.

Hat-Heel #1

My last project is something I wouldn’t have ever imagined I would make. It’s a crochet CAMO afghan. Yes, I said CAMO. When a sweet little boy with big blue eyes tells you how much he loves Army stuff you just can’t resist. You know you have to make him an Army blankie for his birthday.

Logan's Camo Blankie

Virtual Studio Tour – Studios Magazine

Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine Open Studio Virtual Tour

My studio is what is formerly known as a dinning room. It’s actually an addition that was built onto our house long before we ever moved in. Originally it was a porch that was closed in and another porch built on that was then closed in to make the closet. This means that in the winter it is very cold in the room. I have a large double door cabinet that I keep most of my supplies in (along with some kitchen equipment). I also have an awesome easel that doubles as a drafting table, a few small bookshelves under a built in counter top, and a large wooden box where I keep my yarn and fabric.

New Book Shelf

This is my main worktable. It was given to me by two very dear friends when they were moving into a new home and no longer wanted this table. The glass top makes a perfect work surface since I can clean anything off of it easily.

Work Table

Here, I’m making book cloth, which has to be pasted down to a glass surface to dry. I used the top and bottom of the glass. When I removed the book cloth, it was super easy to clean.

Making Bookcloth

My bookshelf makes my life easier. I needed one for along time and finally bought one this summer.  On top, I keep my ribbons and post card collection.   The top shelf is where I keep my inspiration and favorite things.  Next shelf down is things in progress, then a shelf of buttons and easy to reach towels.  The next to last shelf is my knitting books and art books.  On the bottom I keep my dye pot and my hand spun yarns.

Book Shelf

Shelf of my favorite things:
A Few Of My Favorite Things

In Progress Shelf:
In progress books & scraps box

I like to work assembly line style when I’m producing blank journals.

Breaking down paper for text blocks:
Paper & Bone Folders

Text Blocks:
Text Blocks

Covers In Progress:
Covers In Progress

Books waiting to be bound:
15 books in progress

All bound up:
30 of 34 books bound this week

I don’t own a book press so I have a makeshift one. I have lots of heavy books, Masonite boards, and a large can of pineapple juice.
Book, Book Press

This is a glimpse of my very large bookbinding tool box. This is just the top tray.
Bookbinding Tool Box

My studio extends outside this one room and on into the rest of the house when I need more space. I do most of my knitting, crocheting & spinning in the den so I can use my computer & watch TV. I use the living room as a sewing room since it has our dinning table in it. I use my kitchen to dye wool and make felt and my porch doubles as a drying rack on sunny warm days (on rainy days, the shower rod in the bathroom is used for drying).

Hand dyed wool drying

I have some furry help in all this mess too. Zoe, my black kitty, is the reason that my shop is called “The Crafty Kitten”. He loves to sit beside me no matter what I’m doing and just watch.
Zoe, my crafty kitty

Piggy usually sneaks in when I’m not looking to check my work.
"I'm helping, I promise"

Snuggies has been known to fall asleep on my feet if I stand in one place too long (usually when I’m breaking down paper for text blocks).

Then there is Raisin, who isn’t allowed in the studio alone because she will eat all the kitty’s food. She likes to sleep by my feet or in my lap too.
Raisin enjoying some time in my studio

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little virtual tour of my studio. Feel free to check out my online shop (which is a little empty at the moment) The Crafty Kitten.

Me working on a book