Friday FO’s

I finished the Christmas stocking that I made for the shop. There will be a class for this felted stocking in October & November. The first two classes will be knitting then felting the stocking with the third class being taught by Beverly on needle felting embellishments.

Holy cow, this stocking is ridiculously big pre-felting. I held it up to myself and it reached from my chest to my knees. (I wish I could have had a stocking that large as a kid… or maybe now if it was stuffed with $100 bills.) The post-felting size is much smaller; from chest to just below belly button.

Stocking Pre-felting


Friday FO’s… on Saturday.

Oops, sorry! I had date night with my hubby last night and got carried away watching movies. I totally forgot to post!

Anyway, I felted the clogs and they are awesome. They are taking forever to dry but I’ll be able to wear them soon enough. I’m waiting until they are completely dry before I will put the puff paint on the bottom to add grip.

Fiber Trends Felted Clogs

Fiber Trends Felted Clogs

I finished the cashmere crayon socks. I weighed the remaining yarn and the socks and I used exactly half of the skein. I can make a second pair 😀

Pagewood Farms Cashmere blend in Crayon

I also made the Crochet Bobble Hat from Knitscene Fall 2009 in Blue Sky Alpaca Sport. Since the color is charcoal, it’s kind of hard to see in this pic. I added two red buttons. I have one skein plus a bit of the charcoal and one of my co-workers gave me some of her left over in red so I can make a matching pair of fingerless mitts. It will be so nice to have a matching set.

Crochet Bobble Hat in Blue Sky Alpaca Sport

Wednesday WIP’s

While organizing the loose patterns at the shop Sunday, I came across the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pattern. Though I’ve seen this pattern many times, it suddenly hit me that I NEEDED a pair of these. I picked out a happy pink wool yarn and headed home to get started. I made the first one (less the outter sole) in about three hours. I completely knit up the second one Monday and finished the outter sole of the first one last night. (I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that a finished project not a WIP?) I’m posting these as a WIP because I haven’t felted them yet. You’ll see the felted finished clogs on Friday. I think these things look so funny before they are felted. They look like clown shoes.

Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pre-felting

Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pre-felting

I’m also working on a pair of simple toe-up socks because I needed a break from the brain drain of the pink lace socks I’ve been working on for weeks. They’re made from Pagewood Farms sock yarn that has a bit of cashmere in it. I always think of the insurance commercial anytime I hear anything about cashmere socks and usually end up saying “I like cashmere socks!” in the same manner as Flo. I’ll probably finish these up this evening and then cast on my new skein of Socks That Rock in Kroppi.

Crayon Cashmere Socks

I’m still working on the pink Hedera socks and the Big’o Braid scarf. I’ve put the Marlene socks on hold and will probably frog them so I can use the needles for something else. I’m also getting ready to make a few things for the shop; a felted christmas stocking, a toy elephant, and an Owls cable afghan square for the block of the month club.

Last night I organized and prioritized my WIP stack & some of my stash. I hope to finish going though my stash tonight. I divided my WIP’s into two bags; one for personal projects and one for shop projects. Some of my WIP’s moved into my studio storage unit because they’ve been on hold for a very long time and I don’t see myself knitting them anytime soon but they are nice patterns and I don’t want to frog them. My goal is to get the shop projects finished up in the next week or so and then slowly work on getting my personal WIP’s finished up.

I was given enough yarn (by a really awesome friend) to make the Corona sweater which I plan to cast on soon. I also really want to make the Sylvi Sweater from Twist Collective and I’ve already picked out my yarn for it, though I haven’t bought it yet. I’m not casting on for either of these until I’ve finished up some things; I probably won’t even order the yarn for Sylvi for awhile either.

I’ve some how accumulated a bunch of acrylic again. I swear I didn’t buy it but it’s some how lurking in my stash bins. I’m planning on turning it in at the next yarn amnesty day at the shop for store credit so I can replace it something awesome. I thought about keeping it and crocheting a bunch of baby blankets to donate somewhere but I don’t think I’ll have the time to do that. At least I know that it will be eventually made into some type of charity project when I turn it in on yarn amnesty day.

Friday FO’s

Not too much to report on the finished objects front this week. I’ve been busy at work & cleaning/rearranging the studio. It kinda put a kink in actually getting things done. I did spend all of Sunday afternoon dying wool. Some I dyed with Kool Aid and some I dyed with food coloring. I used vinegar to set it with so I hope it holds. I’m going to be using this for wet felting.

Hand dyed wool drying
Hand dyed wool drying
Hand dyed wool drying

I did manage to get one book bound. It’s another leather book. It’s much larger than my other leather books that I’ve bound so far. I really like this size; it would make a nice sketch book.

Large leather book

Most of what I’ve gotten done this week is reading. I’ve read Stardust, Coraline, part of The Grave Yard book, P.L.A.I.N. Janes, and I started Death: The high cost of living this morning. I also re-read both issues of Handknit Heroes. I’m loving me some graphic novels this week and I’ve become a Neil Gaiman addict.

Last night at A Likely Yarn, we had the first meeting of the Handknit Heroes Knit Along which was sooooooo much fun!! We has such a good group 😀 I can’t wait for the next meeting!

Snuggies wanted to be a camera hog so here’s a couple of photos of her being silly.

Snuggies, looking weird
I see wut ur doin thar

I have a big weekend planned! I hope everyone else has a good weekend too 😀

Friday FO’s

I took some time Sunday to experiment with wet felting. My first attempts came out terrible but after some trial & error I figured out that I needed to fluff the wool a bit more to get it to do what I wanted. I ended up with a few bits that are nice enough to use for something. I’m just not sure what I’m going to use it for yet.

First attempts at wet felting

I also tried using leather for books for the first time. Here are two that are almost finished; they’ll be getting closures soon. I’m super happy with them. The leather is from a pair of pants that I bought at a yard sale last year. They are bound with the long stitch.

First Leather Journal

2nd leather journal

Natural Dyes

I am in love with this yellow that yellow onion skins gave me.  I have one more bit of wool still in the pot because I’m experimenting with how long the wool gets left in the dye pot and color intensity.  This batch sat for around 40 minutes.  I also dyed a bit with some Darjeeling tea and it gave me a very nice subtle pinkish tan.

Onion Dyed & Tea Dyed wool

I’ve had awesome mail days this week. Monday I received a sweater from Aardvart (who makes really awesome fused glass and resin jewelry) and today I got a box of felted sweater scraps from Kaboogie (who makes adorable little baby shoes).  Thanks so much you two!!

A sweater from AardvArtFelted Sweater Scraps from kaboogie

First Cardings and Felting

On the left and middle are carded batts of recycled random yarn bits from other projects. I save all my yarn bits (and sometimes other people’s too). On the right is a batt of BFL wool and soy silk. It is so soft you may just melt if you feel it.

First Cardings

This is a paper bag I made during Etsy Lab’s Craft Night in the Virtual Labs tonight. Just the right size to put all three batts into.

Etsy Labs Craft Night Paper Bag

I attempted needle felting tonight… and yes I’ve already stabbed myself, twice, in the same spot. It’s a simple little ball but I’m amazed at how nearly perfectly round I made it on my first try. I need to find some real needle felting foam because the craft foam I bought just isn’t working that well.

First Needle Felting

Paper Kitty’s Day Off

I had today off from work. I had an absolutely freaking awesome day. Today was my Kiwanis club’s Special Field Day. We had almost 500 kids to come. I helped run the Big Basketball game. No rules, just shoot the ball. All the kids had so much fun… and so did I. I ended up with a sunburn even though I put on sunscreen.

I ran some errands, which included stopping at the Coffee Station and getting a slice of white chocolate toasted pecan cake (my absolute favorite ever).

Today’s mail brought this awesome vintage Kerr jar from PetitPoulailler, this needle felting kit that came in the most awesomely cute packaging ever from princessminders, and a set of hand carders from a very lovely ebay seller.

Awesome Packaging

That’s Raisin’s nose in the corner, inspecting things as usual.

Super Awesome Ashford Hand Carders

My morning started with finding this adorableness on my side of the bed before I left.


And this is how my evening went…

How Can I Work Like This

She insisted on sitting on me like that. I was trying so hard to keep up with the Etsy Lab’s Craft Night but it was hard to do anything with her sitting like that. She kept pushing her head up under my chin too. Too cute. Once she stopped I was able to follow the Demo for making a paper bag.

Super Exciting Shop Update!

I’m really excited about today’s shop update! I’ve been thinking about these little guys for awhile and I’ve finally had the time to make them. I’ve finally found a way to combine my love of book binding and my love of fiber arts. These little needle books are so much fun! The little kitten one is so cute that I really wanted to keep it for myself but, alas, I decided to part with it.

Check my shop to see all the photos and buy one if you feel froggy.

On To The Photos!!!

Little Kitten Needle Book
Little Kitten Needle Book Front & Back
Berry Delight Needle Book
Purple Circles Needle Book
Sunshine Needle Book
Hibiscus Needle Book