Friday – Finished Project – July 18

A couple of weeks ago, a super awesome lady requested that I make a book for her. I hope she’s as much in love with it as I am. By the way, this super awesome lady makes some pretty tasty tea: check her teas out over at Rare Meadow Tea.

Dani Book

The Midnight yarn is finished! This roving came from Spun Right Round and is merino. I absolutely loved spinning this; it is so soft! I have no idea what I’m going to make with it yet so for now I’ll just hug it and squeeze it (and call it George).



Friday – Finished Project

This weekend’s studio time was spent finishing the book I started a couple of weeks ago. Last fall, I was given a big box of old Reader’s Digests and, though I don’t intend to read them, some of them had really great covers. These books are just begging to be given a new life. I tried it out on this one first. The book was originally from 1989 (most of the others are from the 60’s) and I wanted to start on a newer one to test it out.

Readers Digest Redux

I’m mostly happy with how the book turned out. I hadn’t used the long stitch in awhile so I thought I’d brush up my stitch skills. The only thing I’m not too thrilled about is that the paper I used for the spine wasn’t the same color throughout (it was printed brown and the white is in between) so it makes the holes used for stitching the pages to the book noticeable and messy looking. I think if I use a paper spine again, I’ll cut away small sections instead of poking holes.

Long Stitch

I really like the size of this book and since I have a box full of these, I’m going to have to make a paper order soon because most of my current stock is not large enough for a book this size (thus the notebook paper that I was lucky enough to find a stack with short grain). I’m not going to put this one up in the shop because I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out.

hand for scale


Now that I’ve given these books a test run, I’ll be working my way through the box and hopefully putting them up in the shop soon.

Dew On the Vine Cowl

Dew on the vine cowl

Cables and Lace and Beads; Oh My!

When I received this skein of Mink yarn from Red Barn Yarns, I just knew it needed to be around my neck and I wanted a pattern that was just as special as the yarn itself. That’s where the Dew On the Vine Cowl was born.

Dew on the vine cowl

Dew on the vine cowl

Dew on the vine cowl

Pattern is available in my Ravelry Store.


On a side note, today is just perfect. I love autumn.

Sunny September Day

I hope you’re doing something you enjoy today!

TTV Camera Mod

I picked up this Ciroflex Model B last September with the intention of moding it for TTV photography.

Ciroflex Model B

I took some time this afternoon to make a very inexpensive mod to hold the camera in place and block out any extra light. All I used was a bit of black foam board, duct tape, braided elastic, and some pipe insulation foam.


I experimented with my new mod box with the disposable camera that is in the photo above, my old faithful basic digital camera, and the camera on my phone. I don’t have any of the disposable camera photos yet as I still have some exposures left.

This is an eerie photo of my kitchen chair that I took with my phone’s camera. I don’t think this is going to be a good option for TTV. I took many photos but this was the only one that looked like anything.

TTV Experiment Phone

This is the same chair but taken with my digital camera:

TTV Experiment Digital Camera

I had better luck with my digital camera outside:

TTV Experiment Digital Camera
TTV Experiment Digital Camera
TTV Experiment Digital Camera
TTV Experiment Digital Camera
TTV Experiment Digital Camera

I’m not entirely happy with my digital camera results. I’m hoping to make a new top to the mod box that is specifically made for the digital camera to see if that will give me the results I’m hoping to get. I’m also excited to get back the disposable camera photos to see if they’ve turned out any good.