Print Your Own Grid Pages for Bullet Journals

Hello 2016!!

Guess who has discovered Bullet Journals?! If you said Wonder Woman, you guessed wrong.  For right now, I’m testing this out to see how I like it.  If it sticks, I thinking of teaching a workshop on it for work.

My first venture into Bullet Journaling was just a single sheet activity/habit tracker:

January Activity Tracker TCK CO

After a few days, and taking a look at several bullet journal blogs, I made this little book last week just so see how I would like it:

January Bullet Journal TCK CO

So far, I can say that I’m finding it helpful to have all my little notes I make to myself in one place. If I think of something that I need to do or buy; I know exactly where to write it instead of just making a mental note or jotting down on a scrap piece of paper that I’ll just dump on my desk when I empty my pockets.

I have always wanted to own a Moleskine journal but, since I’m a bookbinder, I straight up can’t justify spending money on something I can make myself no matter how much I can hear them calling my name every time I pull into the bookstore parking lot.

I’m ready to make a second small journal to begin decorating for the month of February but I didn’t like the dot paper I printed for my last Bullet Book.  I decided to create my own printable paper with much lighter lines and a grid instead of dots.  The dots were my first choice but I found that I just kept writing things where I kept drawing boxes. I also wanted more lines per page than the previous paper. I thought there may be others that would find this printable grid paper useful so I’m sharing my file here. It is two pages of 8.5 x 11 so you can easily print double sided if you have access to a printer with the double sided function.

Click here to download or right click and save file:

Paper Kitty WordPress Grey Grid 8.5 x 11

I also created a file for 8.5 x 14 paper (which is the size I’m currently using).

Paper Kitty WordPress Grey Grid 8.5 x 14

Detailed Preview:

PKWP GG Preview

To make the journal, I simply cut the paper in half, then folded it in half with card stock, and bound it using a simple pamphlet stitch.



Virtual Studio Tour – Studios Magazine

Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine Open Studio Virtual Tour

My studio is what is formerly known as a dinning room. It’s actually an addition that was built onto our house long before we ever moved in. Originally it was a porch that was closed in and another porch built on that was then closed in to make the closet. This means that in the winter it is very cold in the room. I have a large double door cabinet that I keep most of my supplies in (along with some kitchen equipment). I also have an awesome easel that doubles as a drafting table, a few small bookshelves under a built in counter top, and a large wooden box where I keep my yarn and fabric.

New Book Shelf

This is my main worktable. It was given to me by two very dear friends when they were moving into a new home and no longer wanted this table. The glass top makes a perfect work surface since I can clean anything off of it easily.

Work Table

Here, I’m making book cloth, which has to be pasted down to a glass surface to dry. I used the top and bottom of the glass. When I removed the book cloth, it was super easy to clean.

Making Bookcloth

My bookshelf makes my life easier. I needed one for along time and finally bought one this summer.  On top, I keep my ribbons and post card collection.   The top shelf is where I keep my inspiration and favorite things.  Next shelf down is things in progress, then a shelf of buttons and easy to reach towels.  The next to last shelf is my knitting books and art books.  On the bottom I keep my dye pot and my hand spun yarns.

Book Shelf

Shelf of my favorite things:
A Few Of My Favorite Things

In Progress Shelf:
In progress books & scraps box

I like to work assembly line style when I’m producing blank journals.

Breaking down paper for text blocks:
Paper & Bone Folders

Text Blocks:
Text Blocks

Covers In Progress:
Covers In Progress

Books waiting to be bound:
15 books in progress

All bound up:
30 of 34 books bound this week

I don’t own a book press so I have a makeshift one. I have lots of heavy books, Masonite boards, and a large can of pineapple juice.
Book, Book Press

This is a glimpse of my very large bookbinding tool box. This is just the top tray.
Bookbinding Tool Box

My studio extends outside this one room and on into the rest of the house when I need more space. I do most of my knitting, crocheting & spinning in the den so I can use my computer & watch TV. I use the living room as a sewing room since it has our dinning table in it. I use my kitchen to dye wool and make felt and my porch doubles as a drying rack on sunny warm days (on rainy days, the shower rod in the bathroom is used for drying).

Hand dyed wool drying

I have some furry help in all this mess too. Zoe, my black kitty, is the reason that my shop is called “The Crafty Kitten”. He loves to sit beside me no matter what I’m doing and just watch.
Zoe, my crafty kitty

Piggy usually sneaks in when I’m not looking to check my work.
"I'm helping, I promise"

Snuggies has been known to fall asleep on my feet if I stand in one place too long (usually when I’m breaking down paper for text blocks).

Then there is Raisin, who isn’t allowed in the studio alone because she will eat all the kitty’s food. She likes to sleep by my feet or in my lap too.
Raisin enjoying some time in my studio

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little virtual tour of my studio. Feel free to check out my online shop (which is a little empty at the moment) The Crafty Kitten.

Me working on a book

Eco Books Inventive Project from the Recycling Bin

Eco Books Inventive Project from the Recycling Bin by Terry Taylor Amazon Link

Eco Books Cover with the book jar

I’m so excited, I just can’t stop squeeing. My wonderful UPS man dropped off a box of these books for me just 15 minutes ago. I immediately cracked one open and found my project. I’m on page 48 & 49 with a bio in the back.

Page 48 - *squee*

There’s a back story about my Book Jar that I feel I should share. My grandfather, aka my hero, passed away in September of 2007. This project was part of my healing process after his passing. I used to visit my grandparent’s house after school when I was a kid. When I would come in he would ask me what I learned for the day. Whatever my reply, his was always the same, “Learn all you can and can all you learn.” There were many tears shed during the months of creating all those tiny books while thinking back on my precious time with him. I’m so proud of my tribute to him.

project page with book jar

Finished, just in time for Christmas.

I’ve finally finished the commission job and will be dropping the items off with their owner tomorrow. Here are photos of what I did Sunday.

18/365 Vest Day

Vest #2

I assembled the 2 vests, which I had not done before. It was quite a learning experience but I’m very happy with how they turned out.

I also made a couple of Christmas pressies today. A hat for my dad and fingerless mitts for my step-dad. I have enough yarn left over to make my father-in-law a hat too.

Sorry about the cruddy photo:
Christmas Gifts

Tonight, I began putting up our Christmas tree. We’re going super basic this year because the animals like to destroy it. I’ve come home to my kitties laying in between the branches and they like to knock all the ornaments off so the dog can chew them. I just don’t want to deal with that this year. So here’s the start of my basic 3 foot tree with white lights (that we probably won’t plug in) and a paper chain (that needs a little bit more chain).

19/365 Tree, almost

Free US Shipping

I’m offering Free US Shipping to my US customers until December 31. I don’t want to exclude my international customers so I’m offering 10% off to all my international friends. I will refund the discount after checkout.

The Crafty Kitten Etsy Mini Screenshot

Date Book

For almost 2 years, I’ve been a bookbinder… Until now, I have not made a book for myself. I’ve made books for the purpose of being sold, for other people, even
just to learn something new… but never for myself.
I used to be the kind of person that never needed a calendar book… maybe life was just too boring or maybe I just liked flying by the seat of my pants. Last year, I started using a freebie calendar book that I received at the office. It ran out in December and I’ve been lost since then.
Last night I put this beauty together. It is my first caterpillar or centipede stitch book. I’m really happy with it. 😀 The cover is a fabric that is an embossed faux leather. I stitched it together with waxed cotton thread. The paste-downs had to be something fun since I went with non-colorful but durable cover fabric. I printed enough pages that I should be able to use it for just a few days shy of two years.

My Date Book

My Date Book Back

My Date Book Pages

My Date Book Inside

My Date Book Front

Busy, busy, and bumpy

This week was busy. Tuesday was my best Etsy day yet 😀 I had 2 custom orders for 11 books total. WOW… seriously, for me that is a huge – jump up and down *squee* – WOW. I worked 7-11 on Friday evening, 9 am – 11:30 pm yesterday (minus about an hour that I took a shower, went to pick up some Chinese food, and I poked my head in at the Record Exchange to say Happy Birthday to my big brother) and 10-2 today. I’m tired to say the least.

Custom Order Books

Custom Order Books

I didn’t have class this week due to snow so there aren’t any quilt updates. I’ve started a knit handbag for myself. Today’s plans are to clean my house…. it’s a wreck!

I’m notorious for ruining holidays… even ones that I don’t celebrate. The hubby and I don’t take Valentine’s Day seriously so we didn’t plan on any celebratory gifts or dinner. This year my lovely gift was red and white, covered me from head to toe, and itched like mad. Hurray, I had an allergic reaction to my antibiotic. Itchy, bumpy, horrible rash. So for V-Day, I couldn’t even get a hug. bah.

Happy Valentines Day to me

Kidmade Paper Wreath

I know Christmas is over but I just didn’t get around to posting this kid made item before the holiday rushed past me.One of my favorite school art projects came when I was in the first or second grade. A very lovely man (who later became my choir teacher) used to come to our class and do various crafts with us. Anytime I cut out anything, I remember how he taught me the correct way to cut things out. This particular craft was a construction paper wreath. I worked diligently making sure to cut my wreath properly. We then took hole punches and popped holes in various places on the wreath. On the backside, we glued different colors of tissue paper over each of the holes. Last, we cut out and glued a big red ribbon on the front. I was so proud of my wreath. I remember how they all looked taped to our classroom’s windows. The sun would shine on all those little different colored dots and make the whole display of paper wreaths come alive (at least in my little kid brain it did).

Kidmade Puppets & Cards

EEK, I was so busy yesterday that I completely forgot to post my Kidmade post for the day. Consider this a twofer!In seventh grade, our class put together a puppet show. We had to write, perform, and make all the puppets and props. We chose to make a play based on the Flintstones. I was cast as Betty. We spent a few weeks preparing for our performance. During this time we made our puppets. Since I was Betty, I made the Betty puppet. I made it from some white muslin and stuffed it with Polyfil. These weren’t complicated puppets, so they didn’t have moving parts. Instead, it had just a simple dowel to hold her up. I drew a decent version of Betty on the fabric and it looked good. We did our performance during our regular class period, which was lunchtime to most of our parents and they could come watch – and of course, my mom came to see it 🙂

I have always loved paper and paper crafts. I love to send cards and will sometimes send them for no reason at all. I even did this as a kid. I would spend all day making cards out of construction paper, stickers, crayon drawings, old ribbons, and pretty much anything else I could get my little kid grubby paws on. I knew the technicalities of card sending but I didn’t always get it correct. Most of my early cards say “Form: Mom, To: Me” LOL. I probably didn’t learn the correct spelling of “From” until first grade. I would even make envelopes for my hand-drawn cards with little drawn stamps.