My Quilting Buddy

Raisin has now become my quilting buddy. She likes to huff and puff at me because something else is taking up my lap space.

My Quilting Partner

She did decide to at least taste the quilt. So I suppose that she approves now that it has passed the test.

Raisin Tasting The Quilt

Here’s what I accomplished today (through all the puppy huffs and puffs). You can’t see all that I did but it just continues in the same pattern for a bit so you’re not missing anything.

More Quilting Completed

Raisin can happily sit in my lap now that I’m finished quilting for the day.


Grandma’s House

I had dinner tonight with my dad, grandma, and 2 of my uncles. Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs…. yummy! I had such a good visit. My grandma told my dad earlier in the week that she was giving me her quilt rack but he couldn’t find it in the loft. My grandma is one that will not send you home empty handed. She sent me home with just about every sewing related thing she owns.

She had me bag up everything in her sewing chest which was a lot! This included a ton of thread, needles, gadgets, and a few crochet hooks (I was really excited about those).
Massive box of Sewing Supplies
Grandma's Sewing Supplies
Grandma's Sewing Supplies
Super Cool Gadgets

She also gave me this dress which she made some time in the late 60’s or early 70’s. It’s such a tiny dress. It’s hard to imagine my grandma being that small.

A dress made my grandma

The most awesome thing about today… She gave me her dress form. I could have cried. I’m so excited to have it!

My Grandma's Dress Form


On to something a little different…..

I started the quilting process. I’ve only gotten this small square done but I’m pleased with it.

The Start of the Quilting Process

Sampler Quilt Top

I finished my quilt top for class today. I also made the quilt sandwich. Here’s a photo of my quilt top pre-sammy.

My First Quilt Top

My little fingers hurt 😦 I bought a thimble last night but I haven’t mastered the technique of using it yet.

Embroidery and getting my life back…

Ok, those two things have nothing in common. This post just happens to be about two different things.

Yesterday was April 15. Tax Day. End of Tax Season. Hurray!!! I’m Free!! I feel like I’ve been in prison for four months. I haven’t really been able to craft which has been driving me nuts. I feel like I can go back to a normal life. Classes are almost over. Girl Scouts is almost over. I’m not taking on anything else so I can have time to focus myself on my art.

Tonight in quilting class we began putting everything together and were shown how to start hand quilting. We also got a demo on embroidery. Here’s my sample for tonight. I’m pretty pleased with it.

My First Embroidery

My First Go At Appliqué

In my quilting class we recently learned how to appliqué. This is the quilt square that I made. It’s an Ohio Rose. This is what I have been looking forward to all semester. We’re getting ready to start the other two things that I really wanted to learn: Embroidery and Hand Quilting.

Ohio Rose

Amish Star

I started a new quilt tonight. I’ve put this much together, but I’m not sure I like it. I think it is too busy. I’ll probably try to put in some solids instead of going with all patterns.

Amish Star Square

Amish Square Detail

Amish Square Detail 2

First Machine Pieced Quilt Square

Tonight’s class was so much fun! Since I wasn’t tired things went much better. Here are photos of my first machine pieced quilt square. Yea! The pattern is called Ohio Star.


Close up… and it shows a bit of my mistake.


As for now, my sewing machine and I are getting along much better. I’m trying to name her, so far Helga has been working but I’m thinking of changing it to something else.

I stopped by my local fabric shop and picked up this fabulous fabric that I’ve been wanting for a few weeks now. I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet but I knew that I NEEDED it.

very adorable fabric

I was a busy bee tonight.

I cut my blocks for tomorrow night’s class and I redid the heart square that I messed up. Here’s a few photos of my workspace and my finished square.


For some reason, my camera decided that there was enough light in the room and it didn’t need a flash…. silly camera.


Hurray! No gaps!


This photo is much closer to the true colors of the fabric.


Doing anything while tired is a NoNo!

Last night, in quilting class, we started our first bit of piecing. We are doing paper piecing or foundation piecing. I had a terribly exhausting day at work and was so brain dead by the time I arrived that even simple directions and tasks became incredibly complicated. Here is a pic of the first two small sample squares that I did. (not the actual firsts, I completely screwed up the first two attempts)

First Paper Piecing Squares

After getting the hang of it, I started on the Heart Square which will eventually be a square on my sampler quilt. I didn’t notice until I finished it that while I was completely pooped last night, I messed up royally on block #2 (yellow at the top) and there is a huge gap. I don’t know if this can be fixed. I’m going to redo the whole thing. I’m not happy with it. *sigh*

My machine and I fight all the time. I need to name it. Suggest to me names that could be someone really really stubborn.

Heart Paper Piecing Square

Here’s a photo of Snuggies just because I don’t post her often…. (she’s very grumpy and doesn’t often stick around for photos)