WIP Wednesday – August 6

It may not look like my quilt has really grown any since last week but it has. Those little green squares take just about as much time to stitch on as the octagons!


I’m about half way through bobbin #2 of the Shoot roving.


My WIP Wednesday posts may be a little on the lite side for the next few weeks. I’m doing a bit of commission knitting and it’s a super secret project!


WIP Wednesday – July 16

Well…. I went a little quilt crazy this week.

A new row on this section and 27 sets of two stitched together.


What is not in this picture is the 30+ octagons I basted, the big stack of squares I cut, or the 4-5 dozen templates I cut out. I also bought six more fabrics to go with this quilt.

Quilt crazy indeed!

I’m also up to 32 points on the Hitchhiker – Only 10 more to go!


How To’s-Day – English Paper Piecing

Two years ago, I started a quilt. I didn’t get very far before other things took my time and attention. Lately, I’ve been wanting to pick this project back up and get started again. Since I am on the go so much, I really need a project that can travel well. Most people don’t think of quilting as something that you can stash in a bag and break out in a waiting room but with English Paper Piecing it’s really quite easy to do just that.

I keep my project in an old Altoids tin and it easily fits into any bag or even my pocket. I have a small stack of fabric & paper templates, bright colored thread on a small cardboard tube for basting, a safety pin and paper clip for securing the template to the fabric, tiny scissors, and, of course, a needle. The cardboard tube with thread came from a basic sewing kit I picked up for just a couple of bucks. It would be just as easy to wind an embroidery thread bobbin if you don’t have one of these tubes.

Quilt to-go

The entire project gets stashed in a larger bag which contains all the fabric for the project including the backing and binding and the various colors of thread I’ll be using for stitching the pieces together. The only thing missing is the batting.

Quilt bag

Once I have several several octagons and tiny squares basted, I stitch them together into groups like this:

English paper piecing

When I’m traveling with the basted pieces waiting to be stitched together into groups, I usually just stash them in a small zip lock bag. Still easy to stash in a bag but maybe not so much in a pocket.

When I begin putting the groups together, the project will become less travel friendly but I should have plenty of travel time with my quilt pieces before that happens.

If you’re interested in learning how to do English Paper Piecing, Craftsy has a fantastic article for getting started. There are plenty of places to download templates of various shapes. My templates came from a set of metal quilting templates I was gifted from my grandmother. I traced enough to fill a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper, ran a couple dozen copies, and cut them out.

Busy Bee, That is me…

I’ve been getting so much done…

This is my newest project, a Baby Blocks quilt in red, white and blue.  This is just part of the first two rows.  I cut enough pieces tonight for seven or eight more rows.
Start of a new quilt

Two knit wash cloths for a friend that’s having a baby girl. 70% Tanguis Cotton 30% linen.
Baby Wash Cloths

Four new needle books. I haven’t listed these in the shop yet because I haven’t had enough sunshine to take decent photos of them.
Needle Books Front and Back

Blackberry Winter

I had planned on walking to work beginning today…. but Blackberry Winter put a stop to it.  It’s currently 45 degrees and very cold drizzly rain.  Oh well, I suppose that I can wait a few more days.

I bought fabric to begin a Baby Blocks quilt from one of the pattern books that I got yesterday.  It’s cream, navy, and a dark red.  I can’t wait to get started on it!

First Quilt Finished

As promised, here are the photos of my finished quilt.

My First Quilt Complete

Back of Quilt

Hand Quilted. Machine and hand pieced. Blocks are: top left – Ohio Star, top right – Ohio Rose, bottom left – Chicken Scratch or Amish Embroidery hearts, and bottom right – Log Cabin Heart. The Ohio Star is machine pieced. The Ohio Rose is needle turn appliqué. The Log Cabin Heart is Paper Pieced. The patch on the back is embroidered muslin that I appliquéd on.

Visit my flickr page for detail photos of the quilt.

I’m so excited that my quilt will be on display at the AAC during the Portfolio Resume Exhibit this Friday.  I’m not a part of the portfolio resume class but Robyn has asked our quilting class to include our quilts for the exhibit.

Quilt Update

Fingers hurt….. back hurts….. wrists hurts…. arms hurt….

But I got the entire thing quilted and the binding has been sewn to it.  I just have to fold it over and attach it to the back.

I’m planning on having it 100% completely finished by Wednesday.  I’ll post some photos tomorrow… I’m too pooped to do it now.

My Quilting Buddy

Raisin has now become my quilting buddy. She likes to huff and puff at me because something else is taking up my lap space.

My Quilting Partner

She did decide to at least taste the quilt. So I suppose that she approves now that it has passed the test.

Raisin Tasting The Quilt

Here’s what I accomplished today (through all the puppy huffs and puffs). You can’t see all that I did but it just continues in the same pattern for a bit so you’re not missing anything.

More Quilting Completed

Raisin can happily sit in my lap now that I’m finished quilting for the day.