WWKIP Day & other stuff

I had the day off from the shop today so me & hubby planned a date day. It started with a yummy home cooked breakfast. We took a nice drive to Abingdon to the Farmer’s Market where I did my WWKIP bit. I missed out on buying bread but my parents happened to be there.


We then went to see The Hangover which was hilarious. There’s a video game/comic book store in the same building so I stopped in. Jeremy Massie, who writes The DeadBeat comic, was there to do a book signing so I was able to meet him and get a signed copy of the graphic novel. How cool is that!? I also picked up some back issues of Fables & Hack/Slash. I love that their back issues are only a dollar.

We had a nice lunch, browsed another video game store, Best Buy, and Books-A-Million. We headed home with an ice cream stop at Dairy Queen. I really had a wonderful time with my hubby today.


Mother’s Day With Grandma

I spent my mother’s day with my grandmother. My dad fixed homemade pizza and pork BBQ, both were delicious. I enjoyed some alone time with mommaw while my dad and uncle fixed the back fence and got to listen to her stories from during the war (WWII). As always, she doesn’t send me home empty handed. She gave me her grandmother’s corner shelf and the things that go on it. I’m so touched by this. She told me that she wanted me to have it because if she gave it to one of the boys she didn’t think their wives would take care of it like I would, lol. She also sent me home with potato peeling gloves and a plate of food (as usual). I also got to take home with me her quilting, crochet, and crafting magazines. One dates back to 1948 and a bunch of them are from the 1950’s. I’m really looking forward to making some of these things.

When I was little I used to sit and look through these crochet toys books all day. I loved them! My grandma made many dolls & toys for me from these books.
Crochet Toy Books from Grandma
This is from 1971 and the addy sticker is addressed to my Great Grandmother. I really love the photo on the front.
Better Homes from 1971, It was my Great Grandma's
The blue and white book is from 1948 and the other is from 1950.
Knitting & Crochet manuals from Grandma
These are all from the 1950’s and there are some really great patterns in them that I want to make.
1950's Crochet & Knit Pattern Books From Grandma
These are Quilt pattern books that I can’t wait to use. I’m going to make some copies from them tomorrow and get started as soon as I can get to the fabric store.
Quilt Pattern books from Grandma
Seriously, who wouldn’t want a red cape like that? I’m totally going to make one.
Knit & Crochet Books from Grandma

I have a whole lot more but this is all I took photos of. I couldn’t carry all that she had when I left. She has a bunch more Better Homes and Country Living and a few Design Ideas from the early 1970’s (that have excellent photos in them). I’ll probably bring those home next time.

Help a girl out….

I’ve been searching Google for a book with absolutely no luck. It was the reading textbook that was used in my kindergarten class in 1985/86. The two characters were Buffy & Mack; a panda and a rabbit.

If anyone has any information on this book (author, publisher, dealer) or if you know where I can actually get my hands on a copy I would be very appreciative.

EDIT: Thanks to Amy, I know that it is called Sun Up.

Fiona Fine

Dear Civilians,It has come to my attention there is an ongoing debate about the greatest superhero of all time. Batman. Spider-Man. Wonder Woman, Wolverine. All of them have their fans and detractors, their champions and critics.

Well, I’m here to put an end to this silly confusion once and for all. Because I’m fun, I’m fabulous, and I am the greatest superhero alive. Period.

My name? Fiera. Protector of the innocent. Superhero du jour. And all-around fabulous individual.

My powers, you ask? Superstrength, for one. And I’ve got a temper to match my fire-wielding abilities. I punch and flambe my way through the ubervillains and other evil doers who want to take over the city of Bigtime, New York.

By night, I’m also a member of the Fearless Five, the greatest superhero team ever to roam the streets of Bigtime. Right now, we’re hot on the trail of Siren and Intelligal, who villains bent on taking over the city. Not on my watch, they won’t. Also making a pest of himself is Johnny Angel, who wants revenge on the ubervillains for killing his predecessor. Angel’s not a bad guy, but he should know better than to get in my way. No matter how sexy he is.

In real life, I’m Fiona Fine, one of Bigtime’s premier fashion designers. I’m known for my bold choice of colors, fabrics, and patterns. My couture clothes, of course, are to die for.

You can read more about my adventures and general fabulousness in the latest Bigtime book from Jennifer Estep, appropriately titled Hot Mama (Berkley Trade; Nov. 6, 2007; $14; ISBN-10: 0425217345; ISBN-13: 978-0425217344).

Sweet girl, Jennifer. Although she could so use a fashion makeover. The girl is way too fond of cutesy T-shirts, and she doesn’t even own a pair of stilettos. Poor thing. She’s so misguided …


Fiera aka Fiona Fine

Member of the Fearless Five

Protector of the innocent

Superhero du jour

As dictated to Jennifer Estep (who will never, ever wear a pair of stilettos)

I wrote about Karma Girl and Jennifer Estep in this post.  I can’t wait to get this book!

Another Interesting Site

I read through this entire blog today called Confessions of a Closet Environmentalist.  It was a great read.  It is written by Alina who lives in the Netherlands so somethings are a little different from US ways of doing things.  I would truly love to live somewhere where I cold bike everywhere and have many options other than Giant-Chepo-Mart to get my groceries.  There is a very handy guide for recycling, the trial and error of changing to a more eco-friendly kitty litter, and many useful tips on organic foods.  I’m loving this blog right now.

Also, I called one of our local sanitation companies today (not my town sani. dept. but one that takes care of most everywhere else in the area) and a very nice lady told me where the recycle drop offs are located in my town and what can be dropped off where.  They do not have a drop off for paper but told me that I can bring my shredded paper from my office to them and they would take care of the recycling for me 🙂  They have a on-site shredding service but we do not need something that elaborate;  I’m talking maybe three or four bags a month.

I promise….. I’ll be posting more craft things soon.  My new sewing machine should be arriving in an hour or two.  🙂   And… I started a new crochet class last night.  My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was six.  It was mostly just the initial chain for a long time (she would give me yarn to keep me out of her breakables and other mischief).  Later, when I was around 8-9, she taught me the more grown up stuff (lol).  She even gave me my own set of crochet hooks which I’m very sad to say; I think I’ve lost them 😦  I haven’t crocheted in over 10 years and I’ve forgotten many things; I’m really looking forward to re-learning all that my grandmother taught me.

Josh Blue

Me, my hubby, and two of our friends went to see Josh Blue last night at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville, VA. We had front row, dead center seats. Excellent seats.

We had such a fun trip. Just a note: If you are traveling I-81 in VA…. there is nowhere to stop and eat unless you want fast food. We got lost and missed all but the last 5 minutes of the first guy that went on. Since we were the front & center people, of course we are the people who are picked on during the act. I laughed so hard that at one point I thought I was going to either bust a vocal cord or pop the vein in my forehead.  If Josh Blue is going to be touring near you; go see him!  He’s sooooo funny!

From my mailbox….

I received a couple of catalogs this week.  First off, I received my yarn porn, er, I mean Knit Picks catalog.  There are some beautiful new yarns available for the fall.  I have a giant list of yarn that I want.  I have a huge bag of yarn already but I always feel like I never have enough yarn.

The other catalog I received was the Blick Studio 2007-2008 catalog.  I haven’t looked through the entire thing yet, but I’ve found some pleasant surprises while just flipping through.  The book making section has expanded somewhat.  They are now carrying acrylic spray paint in 102 colors… I don’t know why but I feel like I need spray paint even though I never use it.  There are some interesting acrylic gel mediums that I would like to try out.  There is a new line from canson called Fanboy papers that is used to make comic and manga strips.  I hope to be picking up a few of those sets.  There are some gorgeous marbled papers that I will be ordering next time I have free money; I also want a marbling kit.

 I’m still a little disappointed that they don’t have aluminum triangles.  The plastic ones are just too easy to cut through.  They do have some very neat art deckle rulers with different styles of deckles.

I would really like to get one of the x-acto heavy-duty wood paper trimmers.  I’m going to have to look up a few reviews before investing in one though.

Geez, I’m going to have a “want” list that is a mile long by the time I look through the entire catalog.

Comic Books

I’ve added a few links under the “Reading List” category that links to a few of the comics that I read.

First up is David Petersen’s Blog – author of Mouse Guard.  This comic is absolutely adorable.  I couldn’t resist and bought the entire first series (Fall 1152) and read the entire thing in just an hour or two.   It’s like Lord of the Rings if LOTR was about mice instead of hobbits.  I really wish that G2K Games would hurry up and get Winter 1152 #1.

Second is the link to Devil’s Due Publishing – publishers of Hack/Slash.  Cassie Hack’s life mission is to eliminate slashers (the Freddy’s and Jason’s of the world) along with her sidekick Vlad.

Next is Hard Way Studios – Writers/Illustrators/Publishers of Morbid Myths.  I met a few of these guys at RobCon on July 21, 2007 in Bristol, TN.  I have issues #1 & #2.  They have very neat stories that are presented in the manor of Creepshow or Tales From the Crypt.  I’m looking forward to getting issue #3 sometime this fall.

Then is the link to Jennifer Estep’s site – author of Karma Girl.  You can read more about that in my previous post.  Seriously, go buy it, read it, and love it.

Last is the link to Rick Remender’s site – author of Strange Girl.  Bethany Black is left behind after the rapture.  She becomes a slave of a demon lord and learns his magic.  She learns of a sort of loop hole of how she may get into heaven and her halfbreed runt demon slave, Bloato, are trying to get to the Vatican City.  Seriously there is so much going on that you’ll just need to pick up the tpb’s and read them.  On Rick’s site there is a 5 page preview of the first issue of Strange Girl.

I also read Death Dealer.  I’m having trouble finding links for it.  The cover art is fantastic; it’s by Frank Frazetta who is such an amazing artist.  I just learned that another Frank Frazetta project is underway – Silver Warrior.  A link to a preview of Death Dealer #3 can be found on this page of the Image Comics website.

Karma Girl – Jennifer Estep

I don’t have much time to read….  but I recently read Karma Girl by Jennifer Estep.  This book is wonderful!  It has romance (just steamy enough not the in your face stuff in regular romance novels).  It has action and it has mystery.  I don’t like to give away details of a book so I’ll just give the general layout of the beginning.  The main character (a journalist) is out to unmask superheros when tradgey strikes….  This book was so great that I read it in a day;  I couldn’t put it down.

I recently got to meet Jennifer Estep while at Rob-Con in Bristol, TN.  She is super nice.  She signed my book and gave me some Karma Girl bookmarks.  It was certainly the highlight of my week.

 The sequal to Karma Girl is due out in November (just in time for my birthday) and I can’t wait!  A third and fourth book are due out sometime in 2008.  I assume it will probably be one in spring and one in fall.

If you haven’t read Karma Girl go grab a copy and get to it!