Come See The Crafty Kitten

I will be at my first for-real craft festival this Saturday 9/27 8:00-3:00.  If you live in Virginia or will be traveling through stop by the ever so beautiful Burke’s Garden for the annual Burke’s Garden Festival.  I will be sharing booth space with my dear friend and wonderful basket maker at the Community Center.  I will have my handmade books and Knit/Crochet items and will be demonstrating some too.


Perfect September Evening

Have I mentioned how much I love September?  Today was perfect.  My morning scooter ride wasn’t too cold and my lunchtime scooter ride was wonderful.  Warm but not too hot and sunny with a warm breeze all day.

I rode up to the produce market and bought some fresh local grown corn & a tomato.  I also picked up a couple of apples but I’m not sure about where they were grown.  All for $3.00.  Seriously, that is an excellent price.  I would have bought more stuff but my scooter trunk will only hold so much.

Dinner was delicious.  Chicken thighs, fresh tomato, and a baked potato loaded up with butter, sour cream, cheddar, and onion followed by a slice of amish cinnamon bread.

Amish Cinnamon Bread

I checked on my veggies that are growing in (and out of) the flower boxes.  My pumpkins are doing well.  So far I have 4 growing.  Three that are all about the same size and one larger one that has started to turn orange.  I picked my first tomato.  The tomato bush is loaded down but this is the first that has ripened and it is HUGE.  It’s an old german plant and I can’t wait to eat it.  Funny enough, it’s exactly what I bought at the produce market this afternoon. I’m so proud of my little (super tiny) veggie garden. I don’t use any type of fertilizer, plant food, or chemicals on them. In fact I didn’t even stake my tomato plant and the pumpkins are a voluntary plant. I just like to let them be. Since the pumpkin came up due to us tossing the inside of our jack-o-lantern in the flower box, I’ve been randomly tossing veggies in the yard hoping that more will come next year.


First Tomato 2008

I took Raisin on a walk while the sun was setting.  I took the camera in hopes of getting her reaction to the pumpkin on video.  No luck.  She usually freaks out and runs from it like it jumped out of the bushes at her and then timidly tries to inspect it by staying 3 feet from it and sticking her neck out really far.  She’s silly sometimes.  I did get this video of what she likes to do when we’re walking up on the hill.  She likes to walk along the rock wall top like a little kid would.  She jumped down part way through the video because a dog was barking across the street.  My video has no sound… silly camera records video but no sound.

For some reason, WordPress will not accept my code for my video so you can watch it from my Flickr page here.

I love the view we get on our walk. It’s surprising how much two blocks can make in the view here. The view from my porch is ok but not like this.

Sunset 9-4-08

While we were on our walk, I came upon this little plant.  I would love to know what it is.  Anyone care to tell me?

What are these?

Raisin is always such a happy pup after our walks. Sadly I haven’t been able to take her on many in the past 2 months. I’m hoping that now that things have calmed down a bit we can get back into the swing of walking every evening.

Raisin after our walk

I’m off to work on the monkey socks and watch the Project Runway that I recorded last night.

Wooly Bully

I’m going to have that song in my head all day.

Anyway, I dyed more wool last night. I mixed some Kool-aid colors to see what I would get. The gray sky morning did not get along with my camera so these photos aren’t that great. Left is black cherry & cherry, middle is black cherry & berry jammer blue, and right is berry jammer blue & cherry.

Kool-aid dyed roving

Left is orange & cherry, right is lemon-lime & berry jammer blue, and in the middle is a skein of yarn that I spun from a Knitty Dirty Girl batt.

Kool-aid dyed roving & hand spun yarn

Spun from a knittydirtygirl.etsy batt

Spun from a knittydirygirl.etsy batt

I also did some more natural dyes. I tried out blackberries, which gave me a silvery light purple. I also tried plain old Lipton tea. I like the kind of fawn brown that I got from it.

Blackberry dyed and Tea dyed roving

Today, I’m heading to the Virginia Highlands Festival with my mom. I didn’t get to go last year so I’m super excited about going!! I love the Highlands Fest because the level of craftsmanship the vendors have to have to get in is very high and there’s so much to see!

Excellent Vintage Finds

I stopped by a yard sale today near my house.  This was the most awesome yard sale ever.  I don’t think a single thing at the yard sale was bought within the past 20 or more years.  I got some really excellent vintage & handmade finds.

This purse is so cool.  I can tell it was well used because there are pen marks on the inside of the leather flap.  It needs to air out some but I will be carrying this soon.

vintage purse

I also found this wallet, which needs to be cleaned well, but is otherwise in great condition and super cute.

vintage wallet

I think this may be my favorite find.  It’s a coin purse type thing with a mirror inside.

vintage coin purse

I found a bunch of scarves but I resisted and only bought 4.

yard sale find scarvesyard sale find scarfyard sale find scarf

There is a vintage tea tin at my office very similar to this one.  I could not pass this one up for a quarter.

vintage tea tin

This is a set of 4 curtains that are hand made.  I love this vintage fabric.  I’m thinking of hanging them in my studio.

Vintage Handmade Curtains

I love aprons and I couldn’t pass up these super adorable vintage & handmade aprons.  One is super frilly and I think it has never been worn.  Two of them are cobbler or smock style aprons.  They fit me perfectly.

Animal Print Cobbler Apron

Handmade vintage cobbler apron

vintage apron

Handmade vintage apron

Handmade vintage apron

Zoe was being feisty the whole time I was taking photos.  He kept sweeping his tail into the shot and knocking things around.

Paper Kitty Turns One & A big update

One year ago today, I took the plunge into the blog world.  I just want to thank everyone who keeps up with my little blog…. Thanks Readers!!

On to the big update 😀

The last week or so has been a whirlwind for me.  

Thursday (17th) I spent the evening having dinner with my granpa at my mom’s house.  It was such a nice visit that ended with picking blackberries in the front yard.  I’ve always loved walking with my grandpa because he knows so much about the local plants and loves to share that knoweledge.

Friday was spent at a very busy day of work followed by attending a gallery reception at the Appalachian Arts Center. I bought some lovely handspun yarn from local sheep and an excellent little cup that I’m in love with drinking from.  Then my hubby and I decided to paint the computer room so we were up late discovering that the paint just didn’t want to cover the old paint. We painted it a really pretty deep red. The color swatch says tomato but it is much darker than that.

Saturday was a lot more painting and moving furniture.

Sunday I took a trip to my LYS – A Likely Yarn –  with my friend who was teaching there.  I went not only to buy yarn and hang out but to also find out if I would be the right person to start working there.  😀 

Monday was I was really busy at work. 

Tuesday I was busy at work again.  Several family members came in to visit while I was at work  As soon as I left work I drove to a staff meeting at the LYS.  The staff meeting was great, lots of creativity flowing and I’m now going to be teaching. My first class is Beginning Crochet on August 24 & September 7.   

Wednesday, I was contacted by a book company about three projects that I submitted to them for a book they are writing about green bookbinding methods… all three projects were accepted.   I’m so excited!!!  Shampooed carpets that evening.

Thursday I feverishly bound books in preparation of sending my projects to the book company and started the quest for finding wool sweaters to use on books that will be going to the book company.  Mopping & laundry.

Friday I did much of the same with a lot more house cleaning and pre-Saturday-dinner cooking.  I made homemade marshmallows.

Homemade Marshmallows

Saturday was my first day at A Likely Yarn.  It went wonderfully.  I helped build shelves, rearranged things in the shop, helped customers with patterns, knit, crochet, and spent the day with a wonderful group of women.  I also worked on developing a simple pattern that my beginning crochet class will be making.  Saturday night we had friends over for dinner, great music, laughs, and wool dying. 

Kool Aid Dyed Roving

Sunday, I was at the shop again and had dinner with my friend.  I came home and spun some of my newly dyed wool.  Sunday was a big Etsy day for me too, gift guides, treasuries, sales, and a contact about a custom order.  Now if I could only get on the ever elusive front page.

Yesterday, I spun up a batt that I bought from Knitty Dirty Girl on my drop spindle, made dinner, attended the Etsy Labs Craft Night on shrinking plastic (which was cut short by a storm), and mostly sat around taking it easy. I’ll add a photo of the spun yarn later tonight.  I also finished up (for the most part) the project my beginning crochet class will be making and did a few example swatches.

Today, I will be making more books… many many more books.

Shoo… that was a lot to type out!  I hope you’re still with me, LOL.

Happy Friday!

After I posted about my new scooter last weekend….. it got a flat tire due to a fluke with the inner tube 😦 I’ve been waiting since Sunday for my new inner tube to arrive and it finally came today! I’ve been all over town today 😀 I keep finding excuses reasons that I need to go out. So far I’ve made 2 trips to the grocery store and a trip to the drive-in to get an awesome cherry Pepsi.

Today, the BESTbooks blog posted an interview with me, along with a few photos. It made my whole evening so much more awesome! You can check it out here.

I finished spinning and plying the roving that I bought from blondechicken. I’m loving this yarn. I haven’t decided what to make with it yet but I’m thinking a super chunky scarflette is the rout I’m going to go.

Saturday Sky

The yellow fabric in the background is more muslin that I’ve dyed with turmeric. I’m using it as the backdrop for most of my shop photos now.

I’m currently working on a few (few is such an understatement) books so I will have stock for an event that I’m going to be a part of in a few weeks. My town has a week long festival every year that centers around a carnival. Years ago the carnival was set up in town but then was moved to the high school. This year the carnival is returning to the middle of town so the town event coordinators are hoping to spark up the whole town with events all week.

I’m going to be set up at a local bank on Friday June 20 from 10-2:00 doing bookbinding demonstrations. I’ll also have books for sale. On Wednesday, I’ll be helping with a children’s community art project and on Saturday I’ll be helping with the AAC concession stand/fund raiser. I have high hopes for this year’s festival!


Monday June 2 @ 9:00 est.  In the Etsy Virtual Labs Library – BESTbooks team Trunk Show!!

Several members (including me) will be showcasing their work and telling a little bit about themselves and their items.  There will be giveaways, special discounts, and lots of fun!  Come hang out with us Monday night 😀

Paper Kitty’s Day Off

I had today off from work. I had an absolutely freaking awesome day. Today was my Kiwanis club’s Special Field Day. We had almost 500 kids to come. I helped run the Big Basketball game. No rules, just shoot the ball. All the kids had so much fun… and so did I. I ended up with a sunburn even though I put on sunscreen.

I ran some errands, which included stopping at the Coffee Station and getting a slice of white chocolate toasted pecan cake (my absolute favorite ever).

Today’s mail brought this awesome vintage Kerr jar from PetitPoulailler, this needle felting kit that came in the most awesomely cute packaging ever from princessminders, and a set of hand carders from a very lovely ebay seller.

Awesome Packaging

That’s Raisin’s nose in the corner, inspecting things as usual.

Super Awesome Ashford Hand Carders

My morning started with finding this adorableness on my side of the bed before I left.


And this is how my evening went…

How Can I Work Like This

She insisted on sitting on me like that. I was trying so hard to keep up with the Etsy Lab’s Craft Night but it was hard to do anything with her sitting like that. She kept pushing her head up under my chin too. Too cute. Once she stopped I was able to follow the Demo for making a paper bag.

Super Exciting Shop Update!

I’m really excited about today’s shop update! I’ve been thinking about these little guys for awhile and I’ve finally had the time to make them. I’ve finally found a way to combine my love of book binding and my love of fiber arts. These little needle books are so much fun! The little kitten one is so cute that I really wanted to keep it for myself but, alas, I decided to part with it.

Check my shop to see all the photos and buy one if you feel froggy.

On To The Photos!!!

Little Kitten Needle Book
Little Kitten Needle Book Front & Back
Berry Delight Needle Book
Purple Circles Needle Book
Sunshine Needle Book
Hibiscus Needle Book