WIP Wednesday – August 6

It may not look like my quilt has really grown any since last week but it has. Those little green squares take just about as much time to stitch on as the octagons!


I’m about half way through bobbin #2 of the Shoot roving.


My WIP Wednesday posts may be a little on the lite side for the next few weeks. I’m doing a bit of commission knitting and it’s a super secret project!


WIP Wednesday – July 30

The quilt has a few more patches. I’ve also basted a boat load more patches in the new fabric. I hope to stitch these on this week.


I’ve knit almost through the greens.


I spun up the first bobbin of the Shoot roving and I’ve gotten the second one started.


WIP Wednesday – July 23

I’ve cast on the yarn I dyed & spun earlier this year. I’m kind of just winging it for now to see what happens. I’ve got an idea in my head but I’m not quite sure it’s going to work out.


This is not quite a WIP just yet, but I’m going to spin this roving from Miss Babs as my next spinning project. It’s called Shoot and is 100% BFL. I’ve had this roving in my stash for at least 4 years, maybe more. I’m planning to spin it up fingering weight(ish) and knit a shawl with it since it is a monochrome color.


No quilt update this week; I was feverishly knitting all week. You’ll see why on Friday!

WIP Wednesday – July 16

Well…. I went a little quilt crazy this week.

A new row on this section and 27 sets of two stitched together.


What is not in this picture is the 30+ octagons I basted, the big stack of squares I cut, or the 4-5 dozen templates I cut out. I also bought six more fabrics to go with this quilt.

Quilt crazy indeed!

I’m also up to 32 points on the Hitchhiker – Only 10 more to go!


WIP Wednesday – July 2

With so much activity this weekend, I’ve not had as much crafting time as I would like. I’ve gotten started on a recycled book project but I’m stuck at the moment trying to decide which binding I would like to use. Also, I’m up to 26 of 42 points on the Hitchhiker shawl.

I started bobbin #2 of the Midnight roving but I haven’t gotten very far:

bobbin 2

Since I posted about the English Paper Piecing quilt in yesterday’s post, I’ve basted a big stack of octagons and even stitched some of the quilt pieces together.

WIP quilt

WIP Wednesday – June 25

This week, I’m still plugging away on the Hitchhiker. I’m up to almost 20 of 42 points.

hitchhiker 20 of 42

I’ve finished the first bobbin of the Midnight roving.


I’ve pre-drafted part of the second half of the roving and I’m ready to start the second bobbin.


Also, that adorable little basket was made by my friend Mary. It’s the perfect size to house two pints of jam but I found it to be the perfect spinning basket.

WIP Wednesday….. It’s been a long time.

You may have noticed a sudden influx of blog posts after being dormant for so long and that the blog has had a bit of a makeover. I’ve recently changed jobs. I now work much closer to home and have more time to focus on my own work again. I hope to get back into the swing of things and back to posting on a more regular basis.

Now on to the WIP’s!

I’m knitting a second Hitchhiker shawl. I’m finally getting to use one of the skeins of Wollmeise that I’ve been hording for a couple of years. I’m modifying the pattern again by adding beads to each point. I’m up to 15 of 42 points.

Wollmeise Hitchhiker wip

I’ve also been on a spinning kick lately. It could be because my spinning wheel is sitting nearly directly in front of the air conditioner. I’m spinning a merino roving called Midnight that I got for my birthday 2.5 years ago from Spun Right Round. It’s amazingly soft.

Purple spinning project

Wednesday WIP’s

I’m knitting away on the Dandy Neckerchief. I’m into the second skein of three.

Dandy Neckercheif WIP

I am also knitting the Frill-edged bolero from Sirdar Juicy Book 354 in Louisa Harding Grace Silk and Wool. It’s going to be a shop sample at A Likely Yarn.

Bolero WIP

I have made a little bit of progress on the Nightingale socks and I’m getting much better with knitting with two colors using both hands. It takes a few minutes to get my rhythm but then it seems almost natural.

Nightingale Socks WIP

Wednesday WIP’s

Sunday I started spinning CJ Kopec’s Jester (2/3 merino and 1/3 colonial). It is incredibly soft and practically spins itself.

CJ Kopec - Jester

Monday I went stash diving and came up with a bunch of destash yarn and some other yarns that I want to knit but have been hanging around for awhile.

I cast on the Dandy Neckerchief in Summer Linen which is a cotton & linen blend. It’s been great to knit with since the summer has certainly arrived. It’s been far too hot to knit wool.

Dandy Neckerchief

I also cast on a blanket in Cherry Tree Hill cotton/rayon bouclé in the colorway Winterberry. I have four 440 yard – 8 oz skeins. It’s not something I would make a garment out of so he only thing I could imagine making was a blanket. I love the colors! It’s basically a giant Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth.

Big Girly Blanket