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Treasury 2-16-09


Toe Ups

I’m trying toe up socks for the first time.  I’m using the Ultimate Sock Formula from Knitty.  I love this formula.  My first socks were top down socks that I have always thought were a bit too big.  I’m up to the heels and so far they fit perfect.  I have enough sock yarn for 5-7 more pair of socks and I’m planning on making at least two more pair this using this formula.  I’ll most likely find some kind of pattern for the cuffs instead of plain ribbing.

Back to the pair at hand.  I’m using Noro Yuzen to make a super warm pair.  They are turning out to be a fairly thick fabric so I’ll probably save them for really cold days.  I’m trying to get them done as fast as possible because it has been so cold lately.  If the weather reports are correct, I may be too late.  I don’t mind though.  I would much rather have real warmth than have to cover up to keep warm.

Here’s a photo of when I started them Monday.  I’ve been sick with a nasty stomach virus since then and didn’t have the gumption to work on them again until today.  I’ll post a photo when I’m finished with them.

75/365 My First Toe Ups