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Dew On the Vine Cowl September 28, 2013

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Dew on the vine cowl

Cables and Lace and Beads; Oh My!

When I received this skein of Mink yarn from Red Barn Yarns, I just knew it needed to be around my neck and I wanted a pattern that was just as special as the yarn itself. That’s where the Dew On the Vine Cowl was born.

Dew on the vine cowl

Dew on the vine cowl

Dew on the vine cowl

Pattern is available in my Ravelry Store.


On a side note, today is just perfect. I love autumn.

Sunny September Day

I hope you’re doing something you enjoy today!


Chalet Cowl September 15, 2013

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I whipped up this cowl for the shop on Friday. It is made with Classic Elite Yarns Chalet and is dreamy to have around your neck. It’s so soft! If you’d like to make one of your own, the Chalet Cowl pattern is available in my Ravlery shop.

chalet cowl 2

Chalet Cowl


Get ya patterns here! August 22, 2013

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I’ve decided to put some of the patterns that I’ve designed over the years on Ravelry. Some of them are still only available at the yarn shop I work for, but some are available for purchase.

This is a two piece set I created for teaching the beginning crochet and crochet around classes that I teach.

crochet beginner hat and scarf set


crochet beginner scarf

You can get the ebook version with both patterns here, or you can get the Scarf here or the Hat here separately.

All of my designs can be found here. Not all of them are up yet, but as I have time there will be more patterns. I have two more crochet patterns that will be up very soon.


Fibonacci Shawlette July 26, 2013

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I recently designed this shawl for A Likely Yarn using Unplanned Peacock‘s Merino Worsted and Plymouth Yarn‘s Vita (Recycled cotton/Recycled cashmere). The pattern is currently exclusively available at A Likely Yarn in the Fun Stripes Kit but I plan to release the pattern to the public in the future. This shawl is a super fast knit on US 11 needles!

Fibonacci Shawlette

Fibonacci Shawlette 2


Ishbel III July 8, 2012

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Sometimes you find a pattern that you just love. Ishbel was the first triangle lace shawl that I made and I suppose it must have a special place in my heart because I’ve now made three of them. The first, I made in malabrigo lace and followed the small instructions. The second, I made in alpaca prima and followed the large instructions. This one is made in Ella Rae Lace Merino and I’m calling it a medium. I followed the small instructions through the stockinette section and the large lace chart instructions. I just barely squeaked by with 5-7 yards left.

Ishbel III


November So Far November 23, 2011

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It’s been awhile. Really, it’s been far too long.  I think about my blog often but the days never seem long enough to do everything I want to do.


Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks.

I went to the Breaks Interstate Park with my mom.
Breaks Interstate Park 11/5

Breaks Interstate Park 11/5

Breaks Interstate Park 11/5

Breaks Interstate Park 11/5

I made a couple of commissioned baby things:


commissioned baby hat


commissioned baby sweater


I made a shawl for a sweet little lady that I’ve adopted as my grandma.


Mrs. Elliot's Shawl


And, I turned 30.

My Birthday Cake


Eleanor Wears Cashmere May 31, 2011

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One day at work a package arrived filled with the most amazingly soft yarn, Miss Babs Sojourn (65% cashmere and 45% silk). In it was one skein (their last skein) of a color called Mystery Mine. Although there were threats of hair pulling and mud wrestling, I came out victorious! The skein was mine! I loved it so much I wound it by hand instead of using the ball winder.

Miss Babs Sojourn in Mystery Mine

It was 200 yards of fingering weight heaven that I knew I needed to make an item that would be close to the skin. The Eleanor cowl from Knitty was the perfect solution, especially since I love lace.

Last night I bound off and this morning I seamed it. If it wasn’t going to be 93 degrees today, I’d wear it all day.

Eleanore Wears Cashmere

Eleanore Wears Cashmere


A Likely Yarn on WCYB January 19, 2011

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Yesterday, a local reporter dropped by and did an interview with our owner and recorded a few clips around the shop and we were on the 6 o’clock and 11 o’clock news. The clip includes interviews with another shop in Johnson City.

The link is here, but I don’t know how long the video will be available.

Here’s a screen shot of me from the video. I’m teaching a toe-up sock class.

Me On the news 1-18-11


Fly By Post… August 25, 2010

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First of all, I LOVE my new job. L.O.V.E. I’m starting to adjust to the new schedule too, which means I may be able to get back to blogging regularly soon. Also, I love that I get to see my family much more now. I’ve been alternating having lunch with my mom and lunch with my dad & grandma on my days off. I’m also starting to exercise in the mornings before I leave for work. Now that the heat has broke for awhile, I’ve been able to get out and walk again.

Ok, now on to the post…

Between adjusting to the new schedule and the sun trying to slow roast us for over 3 months, my plants aren’t doing so well. My oregano cannot be stopped though. The “apple bush” was loaded this year and the rose bush keeps randomly blooming one or two blooms. But, I seem to have been infested with lady bugs. I had a small pumpkin on the porch that was nearly devoured by them in a matter of days. They ate the honey dew plant just as it was about to bloom and they ate all the pumpkin vine and I’m assuming the rest of the pumpkins are going to receive the same fate.

Apple Bush

Rose bloom 2nd blooming.

Right now I have 3 really large pumpkins (larger than basket balls) but their stalks have been the entry point for bugs. This saddens me because, although I don’t eat the pumpkins, I do use them as my yearly jack-o-lanterns and I don’t expect these three to make it until the end of October. You can see in the photo of pumpkin #2 the hole near the stalk where bugs are coming and going.

Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin #2

Pumpkin #3

I did have a random bush of poke berries sprout up near the pumpkins. I’m assuming that this was a gift from above (aka bird droppings LOL) since there aren’t any poke bushes near my house. When these ripen, I’m going to use them for some natural dying.

Poke Berries

I’m still working through my Wild Thing fleece and last week I picked up another fleece that is a Dorset mix breed. I washed up a small sample of it and it is a lovely butter color and is pretty soft. I can’t wait to start washing it up too.
This is some of Wild Thing drying on the porch today. It’s not completely clean but what is left will come out when I card it.

Wool Drying

I haven’t been doing much personal knitting lately but I have been working on a whole bunch of stuff for the shop. I designed this crochet stole/scarf as a pattern that is available with purchase of the yarn. I made it from one skein of sock yarn.

Crochet Stole

I’ve also been doing a whole lot of spinning. I spun CJ Kopec’s Indian Corn as part of the August SAL. When I split it in half, I thought I had gotten it pretty equal but I ended up with a whole bunch left on one bobbin after I plyed it. I spun up some black alpaca to ply with what was left. The two yarns I ended up with, I’m calling Withes Brew (which is photoed with the small pumpkin pre-lady bug infestation) and Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble.

Witch's Brew

Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble

Right now, I’m spinning Poodle Skirt by Scarlet Fleece, crocheting a doily for my grandma, knitting two sweaters, a pair of socks, a shawl, a large tote bag, and I have some other things I’ve had to put on stitch holders like the Nightingale socks and the second La Vie de Bois sock. Also, I started buying yarn for my Christmas knitting/crocheting. I swore I wasn’t going to do it but, I came up with some really great projects and I’m starting early. I just hope the gifts are appreciated this year… sometimes I wonder if they are or not.


Episode 18 of the Craft Culture Podcast July 29, 2010

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Here’s the link to episode 18 of the Craft Culture podcast that includes me :) I had such a great time with Dani and I’ll be posting photos as soon as the dust settles here in my life.



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