WIP Wednesday – July 30

The quilt has a few more patches. I’ve also basted a boat load more patches in the new fabric. I hope to stitch these on this week.


I’ve knit almost through the greens.


I spun up the first bobbin of the Shoot roving and I’ve gotten the second one started.



WIP Wednesday – July 23

I’ve cast on the yarn I dyed & spun earlier this year. I’m kind of just winging it for now to see what happens. I’ve got an idea in my head but I’m not quite sure it’s going to work out.


This is not quite a WIP just yet, but I’m going to spin this roving from Miss Babs as my next spinning project. It’s called Shoot and is 100% BFL. I’ve had this roving in my stash for at least 4 years, maybe more. I’m planning to spin it up fingering weight(ish) and knit a shawl with it since it is a monochrome color.


No quilt update this week; I was feverishly knitting all week. You’ll see why on Friday!

WIP Wednesday – July 16

Well…. I went a little quilt crazy this week.

A new row on this section and 27 sets of two stitched together.


What is not in this picture is the 30+ octagons I basted, the big stack of squares I cut, or the 4-5 dozen templates I cut out. I also bought six more fabrics to go with this quilt.

Quilt crazy indeed!

I’m also up to 32 points on the Hitchhiker – Only 10 more to go!


How To’s-Day – Adding Beads to Knitting

If you’ve been following the WIP Wednesday posts, you know that I’m working on the Hitchhiker shawl. I’m following the pattern as written except for at the beginning of each row 8, I’m adding a bead to the first stitch. Here’s one way of how to add beads to knitting:

I use a size US 14 (0.75 mm) steel crochet hook for beading. I find this size is suitable for both size 6 and size 8 seed beads.


Start by slipping a bead onto your hook.


Next, slip the crochet hook purl wise into the stitch.


Slip the stitch over to the crochet hook. This is the first stitch in this row and it has stretched the loop. Don’t worry, it will all go back in place in just a moment.


Hold the yarn in place with the hook then slip the bead off the hook and onto the stitch.


Slip the stitch back onto the left hand needle making sure not to twist the stitch.


Work the stitch as instructed. For this pattern, this stitch is purled.


The bead is now secured. Continue your pattern as written.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of How To’s-Day!!


Fibonacci Shawlette Now Available!

Fibonacci Shawlette

The Fibonacci Shawlette was previously exclusively available in a kit but it is now available for purchase online! You can purchase the pattern through my Ravelry store or through the Etsy store.

What can I say, I’m a math nerd. The Fibonacci Sequence is a set of numbers where the next number in the sequence is created by adding the two preceding it. (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13….) The color changes in this shawl represent the 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, & 13 of the Fibonacci Sequence.

I hope you enjoy knitting this shawl, even if you aren’t a big fan of math and numbers.

This shawl is made using two 100 gram skeins of worsted weight yarn. One solid and one hand-dyed or variegated. Suggested needle size US 11 (8 mm). I made the one pictured using a skein from Unplanned Peacock and a cotton cashmere blend from Plymouth.

Great pattern for a first time shawl!

Fibonacci Shawlette 2

Dew On the Vine Cowl

Dew on the vine cowl

Cables and Lace and Beads; Oh My!

When I received this skein of Mink yarn from Red Barn Yarns, I just knew it needed to be around my neck and I wanted a pattern that was just as special as the yarn itself. That’s where the Dew On the Vine Cowl was born.

Dew on the vine cowl

Dew on the vine cowl

Dew on the vine cowl

Pattern is available in my Ravelry Store.


On a side note, today is just perfect. I love autumn.

Sunny September Day

I hope you’re doing something you enjoy today!

Chalet Cowl

I whipped up this cowl for the shop on Friday. It is made with Classic Elite Yarns Chalet and is dreamy to have around your neck. It’s so soft! If you’d like to make one of your own, the Chalet Cowl pattern is available in my Ravlery shop.

chalet cowl 2

Chalet Cowl

Ishbel III

Sometimes you find a pattern that you just love. Ishbel was the first triangle lace shawl that I made and I suppose it must have a special place in my heart because I’ve now made three of them. The first, I made in malabrigo lace and followed the small instructions. The second, I made in alpaca prima and followed the large instructions. This one is made in Ella Rae Lace Merino and I’m calling it a medium. I followed the small instructions through the stockinette section and the large lace chart instructions. I just barely squeaked by with 5-7 yards left.

Ishbel III

November So Far

It’s been awhile. Really, it’s been far too long.  I think about my blog often but the days never seem long enough to do everything I want to do.


Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks.

I went to the Breaks Interstate Park with my mom.
Breaks Interstate Park 11/5

Breaks Interstate Park 11/5

Breaks Interstate Park 11/5

Breaks Interstate Park 11/5

I made a couple of commissioned baby things:


commissioned baby hat


commissioned baby sweater


I made a shawl for a sweet little lady that I’ve adopted as my grandma.


Mrs. Elliot's Shawl


And, I turned 30.

My Birthday Cake