WIP Wednesday – August 6

It may not look like my quilt has really grown any since last week but it has. Those little green squares take just about as much time to stitch on as the octagons!


I’m about half way through bobbin #2 of the Shoot roving.


My WIP Wednesday posts may be a little on the lite side for the next few weeks. I’m doing a bit of commission knitting and it’s a super secret project!


WIP Wednesday – July 30

The quilt has a few more patches. I’ve also basted a boat load more patches in the new fabric. I hope to stitch these on this week.


I’ve knit almost through the greens.


I spun up the first bobbin of the Shoot roving and I’ve gotten the second one started.


WIP Wednesday – July 23

I’ve cast on the yarn I dyed & spun earlier this year. I’m kind of just winging it for now to see what happens. I’ve got an idea in my head but I’m not quite sure it’s going to work out.


This is not quite a WIP just yet, but I’m going to spin this roving from Miss Babs as my next spinning project. It’s called Shoot and is 100% BFL. I’ve had this roving in my stash for at least 4 years, maybe more. I’m planning to spin it up fingering weight(ish) and knit a shawl with it since it is a monochrome color.


No quilt update this week; I was feverishly knitting all week. You’ll see why on Friday!

WIP Wednesday….. It’s been a long time.

You may have noticed a sudden influx of blog posts after being dormant for so long and that the blog has had a bit of a makeover. I’ve recently changed jobs. I now work much closer to home and have more time to focus on my own work again. I hope to get back into the swing of things and back to posting on a more regular basis.

Now on to the WIP’s!

I’m knitting a second Hitchhiker shawl. I’m finally getting to use one of the skeins of Wollmeise that I’ve been hording for a couple of years. I’m modifying the pattern again by adding beads to each point. I’m up to 15 of 42 points.

Wollmeise Hitchhiker wip

I’ve also been on a spinning kick lately. It could be because my spinning wheel is sitting nearly directly in front of the air conditioner. I’m spinning a merino roving called Midnight that I got for my birthday 2.5 years ago from Spun Right Round. It’s amazingly soft.

Purple spinning project

Lazy Blog Video #1

Ok, I had a big weekend and I didn’t want to type it all out so I recorded a video. Sorry about the bad edits and barking dog.

Edit: BTW, I said that the Scarlet Fleece did not have a colorway listed, I found it and it is called Poodle Skirt 100% Australian Wool Top 4 oz.

Edit #2: Also, I didn’t post yesterday’s Friday FO’s so I’m adding it at the bottom of this post since I’m wearing the FO in the video.

I finally finished the Tappan Zee!

After reading comments on other Rav project pages that the sweater comes out a bit on the small side, I opted to make it two sizes up. I like the way it fits and I’m in love with the buttons. I made it in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in the colorway Roasted Coffee. It took five skeins and I have about a quarter of the last skein left.

Etsy Sunday – Spinning

Today at A Likely Yarn in Abingdon, VA, we’re having our first Drop In & Spin day.  It’s going to happen the second Sunday of everymonth.  Please stop by if you are in the area and want to hang out & spin with us.  I’m really looking forward to being there today.  I wish I could take all of these things with me today.

Stoneware with Orange Glass Inlay Drop Spindle, 1.27oz – by jesh

MOUNTAIN SUN II merino top – by travelingrhinos

Sweetarts- 4 oz superwash merino combed top – by FatCatKnits

Baby Phoenix– hand carded batts (2.9 oz. per set) merino, soysilk, tencel, and sparkle – by hobbledehoy

Rainbow Sherbert – Handyed Fiber – by blondechicken

Friday FO’s

Not too much to report on the finished objects front this week. I’ve been busy at work & cleaning/rearranging the studio. It kinda put a kink in actually getting things done. I did spend all of Sunday afternoon dying wool. Some I dyed with Kool Aid and some I dyed with food coloring. I used vinegar to set it with so I hope it holds. I’m going to be using this for wet felting.

Hand dyed wool drying
Hand dyed wool drying
Hand dyed wool drying

I did manage to get one book bound. It’s another leather book. It’s much larger than my other leather books that I’ve bound so far. I really like this size; it would make a nice sketch book.

Large leather book

Most of what I’ve gotten done this week is reading. I’ve read Stardust, Coraline, part of The Grave Yard book, P.L.A.I.N. Janes, and I started Death: The high cost of living this morning. I also re-read both issues of Handknit Heroes. I’m loving me some graphic novels this week and I’ve become a Neil Gaiman addict.

Last night at A Likely Yarn, we had the first meeting of the Handknit Heroes Knit Along which was sooooooo much fun!! We has such a good group 😀 I can’t wait for the next meeting!

Snuggies wanted to be a camera hog so here’s a couple of photos of her being silly.

Snuggies, looking weird
I see wut ur doin thar

I have a big weekend planned! I hope everyone else has a good weekend too 😀

Friday FO’s

I took some time Sunday to experiment with wet felting. My first attempts came out terrible but after some trial & error I figured out that I needed to fluff the wool a bit more to get it to do what I wanted. I ended up with a few bits that are nice enough to use for something. I’m just not sure what I’m going to use it for yet.

First attempts at wet felting

I also tried using leather for books for the first time. Here are two that are almost finished; they’ll be getting closures soon. I’m super happy with them. The leather is from a pair of pants that I bought at a yard sale last year. They are bound with the long stitch.

First Leather Journal

2nd leather journal

WIP Wednesday

I’m making book cloth. It’s a slow process for me since I don’t have many glass surfaces in the studio to put them on to dry. I’ve completely covered the window and the top and bottom of my glass top worktable.

Making Bookcloth

This is a bit of spinning that I’ve started on my lace spindle. I don’t remember the fiber content but I’m certain that it is mostly, if not all, merino. I think the colorway is cranberry. I got this roving as a birthday gift last year from my mom. (thanks mom) I pulled this out because the second Sunday of every month is going to be the Drop In & Spin day at A Likely Yarn and it is also my scheduled Sunday to work. Yipee for me!! I hope the Drop In & Spin will be a hit.

cranberry lace

I’m still working on the Siren Shawl and the Trekking XXL socks. I also have a huge stack of text blocks waiting for covers.

Sun Up!

This book was what my kindergarten class read. I’ve finally found a copy of it! I love Buffy & Mack!!

2/365 Sun Up

Here’s a couple of photos of my birthday pressies.

Beautiful roses from my hubby:

Roses from my hubby

Fibery goodness from my mom:

Fibery Goodness from mom

And snow from the heavens above, LOL:

Super snowy day 11-21-08

Ok, so the snow wasn’t actually a gift for me but I did wish for it earlier in the week.