A sigh of relief

Last week the hubby and I spent 2 nights getting some much needed rest & relaxation at a cabin high upon a mountain in Banner Elk, NC.

Banner Elk, NC 8-20-08

How can you not be relaxed while you’re in a hot tub with a view like that.

Sunday, I began teaching. I feel pretty good about the class. I had three students for my beginning crochet class. We covered how to chain, single crochet, and half double. Next class we’ll cover double and triple crochet.

BTW, Subu is hosting a giveaway for an super awesome bag from Apostrophy. I LOVE this bag! Go check it out!


Knit Postcard Giveaway

I received an awesome Knit Postcard from Nguyen of KnitKnit.  There is a how-to video on Etsy about making and sending the knit postcards.  On the postcard I received I was tagged to send one on to someone else.

Want to receive an awesome knit postcard??  Entering is simple.  Just check out my shop and leave a comment on this post with the link to your favorite item in my shop.  I will use one of the random number generator sites to pick a winner.  Contest ends Sunday August 24 at midnight EST.

I’m willing to try sending the knit postcard internationally but I cannot guarantee that it will get there since it is a funky shaped thing and has to be hand stamped.

Just a quick reminder to leave a way for me to contact you after the contest if you win.  😀

8/25/08 – This giveaway has ended. The winner can be found here.

Where Have I Been?

I’ve been a crafting machine during the past two weeks.  I’ve been binding books to send to Lark Books (which thankfully went out in the mail today), I’ve been dyeing & spinning, I’ve been knitting and crocheting like mad, and I’ve been working A LOT.

This is a photo mosaic of part of what I’ve made.  Missing from this is an awesome crochet market bag that I’m in love with, my feburary lady sweater update, most of the spinning I’ve done, and a knit market bag I’m working on for the shop.

My creation

The hubby snapped this photo of me during the books photo shoot for the book company.  Maybe someday I’ll post some of the book shoot.
Me during the book photo shoot today

Friday & Saturday I was a vendor at the Tazewell County Fair. I didn’t do so well and got rained on horribly on Friday. I did get some things done and spent time with wonderful people so all was well in the end.

I have not had a day off for nearly a month until today… if you can count today because I finished up the books and shipped them out and did some much needed shopping. I’m really looking forward to two nights in a quite cabin in the woods. No phones, no internet, no interruptions. Just peace and quiet with my hubby and pup. Finally some much needed rest is on the way.


I know my last post was an “I want this” post but this one is too.  I promise that I’ll post very soon about everything I’ve been up to… and it’s probably going to be a long post.


This is something I’ve wanted since the show went off the air.  I want the DVD set of the entire series of My So Called Life.  It was the best show ever and should have never been canceled. This is probably my second most all time favorite show, my favorite being CSI but it just barely beats it.

I want!

If anyone ever wants to buy me something.  I want this.

It’s the Market Bag in gunmetal gray from Moop.  I’ve been drooling over it for a very, very long time.  I’m going to start saving up for it and hopefully buy it for myself.

Wooly Bully

I’m going to have that song in my head all day.

Anyway, I dyed more wool last night. I mixed some Kool-aid colors to see what I would get. The gray sky morning did not get along with my camera so these photos aren’t that great. Left is black cherry & cherry, middle is black cherry & berry jammer blue, and right is berry jammer blue & cherry.

Kool-aid dyed roving

Left is orange & cherry, right is lemon-lime & berry jammer blue, and in the middle is a skein of yarn that I spun from a Knitty Dirty Girl batt.

Kool-aid dyed roving & hand spun yarn

Spun from a knittydirtygirl.etsy batt

Spun from a knittydirygirl.etsy batt

I also did some more natural dyes. I tried out blackberries, which gave me a silvery light purple. I also tried plain old Lipton tea. I like the kind of fawn brown that I got from it.

Blackberry dyed and Tea dyed roving

Today, I’m heading to the Virginia Highlands Festival with my mom. I didn’t get to go last year so I’m super excited about going!! I love the Highlands Fest because the level of craftsmanship the vendors have to have to get in is very high and there’s so much to see!


I found this on Much of a muchness and couldn’t pass up trying it.  Go to google and type in your name followed by Needs.

Here are a few of my results:

1.  Cassie needs a sweet little grey and white cat

2.  Cassie needs toilet paper

3.  Cassie needs a drink

4.  Cassie needs her feeding tube put back in.

5.  Cassie needs a replacement

6.  Cassie needs to SMARTIN UP.

7.  Cassie needs the camera

8.  Cassie needs to wake up.

9.  Cassie needs to be kept occupied.

10.  Cassie needs to chill out.

Go ahead, try it!  I hope you get some funny results 😀

Excellent Vintage Finds

I stopped by a yard sale today near my house.  This was the most awesome yard sale ever.  I don’t think a single thing at the yard sale was bought within the past 20 or more years.  I got some really excellent vintage & handmade finds.

This purse is so cool.  I can tell it was well used because there are pen marks on the inside of the leather flap.  It needs to air out some but I will be carrying this soon.

vintage purse

I also found this wallet, which needs to be cleaned well, but is otherwise in great condition and super cute.

vintage wallet

I think this may be my favorite find.  It’s a coin purse type thing with a mirror inside.

vintage coin purse

I found a bunch of scarves but I resisted and only bought 4.

yard sale find scarvesyard sale find scarfyard sale find scarf

There is a vintage tea tin at my office very similar to this one.  I could not pass this one up for a quarter.

vintage tea tin

This is a set of 4 curtains that are hand made.  I love this vintage fabric.  I’m thinking of hanging them in my studio.

Vintage Handmade Curtains

I love aprons and I couldn’t pass up these super adorable vintage & handmade aprons.  One is super frilly and I think it has never been worn.  Two of them are cobbler or smock style aprons.  They fit me perfectly.

Animal Print Cobbler Apron

Handmade vintage cobbler apron

vintage apron

Handmade vintage apron

Handmade vintage apron

Zoe was being feisty the whole time I was taking photos.  He kept sweeping his tail into the shot and knocking things around.