Shop Update

I added 13 new books to the shop tonight! I have more to list but I need to take photos. This stack of recycled journals were part of the update though. Go check it out!

Stack of Jotters


Lazy Blog Video #1

Ok, I had a big weekend and I didn’t want to type it all out so I recorded a video. Sorry about the bad edits and barking dog.

Edit: BTW, I said that the Scarlet Fleece did not have a colorway listed, I found it and it is called Poodle Skirt 100% Australian Wool Top 4 oz.

Edit #2: Also, I didn’t post yesterday’s Friday FO’s so I’m adding it at the bottom of this post since I’m wearing the FO in the video.

I finally finished the Tappan Zee!

After reading comments on other Rav project pages that the sweater comes out a bit on the small side, I opted to make it two sizes up. I like the way it fits and I’m in love with the buttons. I made it in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in the colorway Roasted Coffee. It took five skeins and I have about a quarter of the last skein left.

Road Trip

Ok, ok, I know it’s friday and this post is supposed to be “Friday FO’s” but…. like I said on Wednesday, I feel like I’m treading water. I’ve gotten so much progress done this week, but I don’t have a single finished object to show for it.

I do, however, have a Road Trip story, short, but a story nonetheless.

I met my dear friend and LYS coworker this morning and headed to Penland School of Crafts. We hit the bookstore & coffee shop. I picked up some bookbinding supplies, had an amazingly delicious blackberry lime Italian soda and a giant peanut butter cookie, and bought a very cool postcard. We also took a look at a couple of the resident artist studios.

Penland School of Crafts

Penland School of Crafts

From there we headed into Asheville. I cradled & cuddled and ended up buying a skein of malabrigo sock yarn and lace at Yarn Paradise. We had lunch across the street which was delicious. Hamburger, feta potato salad, and pea salad.

Next was Bookworks. I Love Bookworks. For real, I could have drooled all over the equipment there. I wish it was closer to me or we had some place similar. The employee we met was so super friendly & helpful. I want to go back in September for Bookopolis.

Earth Guild was nice. I didn’t buy anything but I did drool all over some leather (ok not literally, but you know). The book selection was nice too. Across the street is True Blue Art Supplies which has a good selection of bookbinding supplies. I picked up a beautiful flocked deep purple damask paper that I really want to make something for myself out of. I also picked up another pretty Japanese paper.

Our last stop was at The Chocolate Fetish… ok, you may remember from some older posts that I do not at all like chocolate, so really, what was I doing in a chocolate shop? I ended up buying a white chocolate cashew frog, kind of like a turtle. It was delicious. The funny thing, Karen didn’t buy chocolate either!

The drive home was beautiful. I had not been on I-26 yet and it was an amazing view. Though I had my camera with me all day I only took the two photos at Penland. I instead knit away on the trekking xxl socks, which are almost complete and I’ve decided that they are to be knee socks.

It was a wonderful road trip with great places to visit, excellent weather, and the best company.

Tea Time

I’ve become a tea dreaking fanatic.  Here are a few items I’ve found on Etsy that I would love to have (and may just buy for myself).  But, in the meantime, I’ll share them with you until I save up a bit of spending money.

First, you need a mug to drink from. I really like this Purple Mug from Pickled Aliens.


Here is a cool little thing from Scatter Box that I can carry my tea baggies to work in. It is a Tea Pouch that holds up to 3 tea bags.


What’s next? Ah, yes! A tea pot of course! This beauty is made by a local (to me) potter – La Pella Pottery.


I drink my tea with just a bit of sugar. This adorable sugar bowl is from Barbara Dunshee.


Cookies are good anytime, but at tea time they are even better. I would love to try these Honey Lavender Shortbread Cookies from Whimsy and Spice.


Hmmm… what else could I need for a perfect tea time? TEA! Jasmine tea from tea balls is currently my favorite tea in the world.  I had it while I was at a friends home for a Christmas party. It is so cool and taste great too. This is what Etsy has to offer, it is Jasmine Tea Balls from The Cadeaux that bloom when you steep them.


Free US Shipping

I’m offering Free US Shipping to my US customers until December 31. I don’t want to exclude my international customers so I’m offering 10% off to all my international friends. I will refund the discount after checkout.

The Crafty Kitten Etsy Mini Screenshot