Flowers do crazy things.

At the corner of my house there is a rose bush.  Three years ago when I moved in my neighbor accidentally mowed over it, cutting it down to an one inch stub.  Last year it grew but never bloomed.  This year in late spring it bloomed with about 20 roses.  After all the petals had fallen off it didn’t bloom again.  This was sometime in May.  Today, on my way into the yard from taking Raisin for a walk, a bit of red caught my eye.  One lonely bloom showed up.  It’s the end of September and out of nowhere this bush decides to bloom again.  Also, around the backside of the house some wild flowers sprung up from under my peony bush.  They are the same little purple flowers that were in the bouquet that my hubby brought me for our anniversary.


3 thoughts on “Flowers do crazy things.

  1. Yeah…I know the feeling. I have one, lonely peony bloom in my backyard. We did some construction a couple of years ago and they piled all their wood and junk on top of it. Isn’t the will of a flower amazing though?

  2. Thank goodness roses are so hardy. When we bought our house a few years ago I had to learn about our 10 roses really fast. Do you prune yours back to a bud-eye after each of the blooms fade? That usually encourages the plant to bloom again.

  3. I don’t have much of a green thumb 😦 I usually just let my plants do what they want. I don’t trim or prune them. I think the rose bush I have is more of an wild rose instead of what most people think when they think of roses. That could be why it still does ok even though I don’t do anything to it.

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