Turmeric Dye

Today is the first time that I’ve attempted dying wool and fabric. I’m really happy with my results and can’t wait until I can card this wool and spin it up.

I used BFL wool and split it up so I could try different combos of ingredients. On the left is just turmeric, middle is turmeric and vinegar, and on the right is turmeric, vinegar and soda. I really like how they all turned out but I really like the one on the right.

All Three Wools

This is a strip of muslin that I test dyed. I really really really freaking love it. The photo doesn’t do this bright sunny yellow justice.

Cotton Fabric

I also dyed some soy silk roving with turmeric, vinegar, and soda. Instead of the bright yellow I got from the wool, I got a deep orange-red. I twisted the bit of roving tightly before putting it in the pot so it wouldn’t absorb as much dye in some spots.

Soy Silk


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