Happy Friday!

After I posted about my new scooter last weekend….. it got a flat tire due to a fluke with the inner tube 😦 I’ve been waiting since Sunday for my new inner tube to arrive and it finally came today! I’ve been all over town today 😀 I keep finding excuses reasons that I need to go out. So far I’ve made 2 trips to the grocery store and a trip to the drive-in to get an awesome cherry Pepsi.

Today, the BESTbooks blog posted an interview with me, along with a few photos. It made my whole evening so much more awesome! You can check it out here.

I finished spinning and plying the roving that I bought from blondechicken. I’m loving this yarn. I haven’t decided what to make with it yet but I’m thinking a super chunky scarflette is the rout I’m going to go.

Saturday Sky

The yellow fabric in the background is more muslin that I’ve dyed with turmeric. I’m using it as the backdrop for most of my shop photos now.

I’m currently working on a few (few is such an understatement) books so I will have stock for an event that I’m going to be a part of in a few weeks. My town has a week long festival every year that centers around a carnival. Years ago the carnival was set up in town but then was moved to the high school. This year the carnival is returning to the middle of town so the town event coordinators are hoping to spark up the whole town with events all week.

I’m going to be set up at a local bank on Friday June 20 from 10-2:00 doing bookbinding demonstrations. I’ll also have books for sale. On Wednesday, I’ll be helping with a children’s community art project and on Saturday I’ll be helping with the AAC concession stand/fund raiser. I have high hopes for this year’s festival!


Monday June 2 @ 9:00 est.  In the Etsy Virtual Labs Library – BESTbooks team Trunk Show!!

Several members (including me) will be showcasing their work and telling a little bit about themselves and their items.  There will be giveaways, special discounts, and lots of fun!  Come hang out with us Monday night 😀


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